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Should I reflag a user that's been making tag-only edits?

On the 22nd of June I noticed a certain user was consistently making tag-only edits (even when the post could have been further improved), so I added a comment which went on along the lines of, "...
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What do I do about receiving an offensive email from another user on Stack Overflow?

So, this is a little bit odd, and I've been confused if I should have this question here, or not; however I'm going ahead, posting it, after reading multiple related questions about editing posts on ...
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Can there be legitimate serial downvoting?

If you stumble across a user whose answers and questions are just terrible, is it okay to downvote and vote to close as needed, or is that crossing the line of serial downvoting? It's nothing ...
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How to handle user rollbacks due to stubbornness about formatting / content?

So, there's this question on SO. The user that posted the question used formatting along the lines of: javascript('foo = '+function('text').value);//returns 0 javascript('bar'+function('text').value ...
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