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Is it OK to downvote on pre-edited version of question?

This is related to mohacs's question, What happens if a user offers money for an answer?. The fellow's answer was edited to remove the offending offer. When I looked at the question this morning, it ...
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Should I reflag a user that's been making tag-only edits?

On the 22nd of June I noticed a certain user was consistently making tag-only edits (even when the post could have been further improved), so I added a comment which went on along the lines of, "...
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How can we make a question closure feel less like an attack?

Update: Honestly, I don't understand all the downvotes. It must mean that people on Meta here don't want to talk about this issue anymore. Do people think the problem is solved? Yes there are many bad ...
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Yet another offensive email from another new user on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

So, I previously had asked a similar question regarding a harassing and offensive email I received from an S.O. user who didn't like to have high-quality posts! S.O. team was very helpful and they ...
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