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Why do people downvote questions from people with only a few reputations? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why do we separate ViewModels per Activity/Fragment? This is a question I got from a professional website and I couldn't answer the question. The ...
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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

TLDR Give new users and persistent offenders (who write poorly received posts) a tutorial they must complete before they can post, which highlights good and bad posts, along with reasoning as to why ...
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Yet another disgruntled new user

The community must have an attitude problem to get comments like this one (now deleted), which was on this question: I did look [for a duplicate], but I didn't see that one in the query that was ...
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If I were to have just discovered Stack Overflow 5 minutes ago am I still expected to read the FAQ? [duplicate]

Well, the question says it all. To add to the question: Should there be no mercy shown to the first time users at all? Most people have their first question downvoted on this site. The trend is ...
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Could some bad questions be avoided with additional prompting?

The answer I'm guessing is probably not, as the users that ask these types of questions don't care much for researching questions and putting effort in to asking. My suggestion would be for new users, ...
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A staging area for telling new users how they can make their questions better

When looking through the Android tag, I see a lot of questions where there is an issue explained and often "please help" or something similar is written there. No stacktrace, no code, just "here is an ...
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Why do we allow downvotes on first posts? [duplicate]

One of the things that really irks me about parts of the SO community is the downvoting patterns. A good example of this is downvoting users first posts. I stumbled on this question today: Why can'...
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Is it OK to be so harsh to a newbie's first question that is not that bad? [duplicate]

I recently (yesterday) saw this question: Detecting patterns in an ECG waves With very interesting problem (non-duplicate, trivial syntax, or quiz question). It looks like it is the first question ...
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How can new users better understand the correlation between SO guidelines and SO community imposed guidelines?

My question: How can new users better understand the correlation between SO guidelines and SO community imposed guidelines? Reason for question: Being a new user. Negative experiences that are ...
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Is it OK to downvote new users answers? [duplicate]

My question was sparked from reading this fine post: Is it OK to downvote or close new users' first questions? I've been reading the site for ages, obviously because every attempt at solving a ...