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What happens if you downvote a post while you have 125 reputation? [duplicate]

The requirement to downvote posts is 125 reputation what happens if you downvote a post while you have 125 reputation (it would subtract 1 reputation) would you lose privileges to downvote? also if ...
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Lost "Edit questions and answers" by downvoting an answer: Inconsistent reputation? [duplicate]

When trying to work on some low quality answers, it seems I lost my new achievement to edit answers: The status display looks inconsistent (2001 reputation vs. < 2k). Is that a bug?
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Inadvertent edge case for achievement 500 rep -> review questions [duplicate]

I recently got 500 reputation pts. Now I can review questions. I decided to look at one. It was a "late answers" review and the answer was bad. I downvoted and left a comment explaining why ...
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What could cause a privilege to be revoked other than a loss of reputation?

A loss of reputation can cause a privilege to be revoked: Is it possible to lose a privilege if you lose the required reputation for it? What could cause a privilege to be revoked other than a loss ...
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Will I lose a privilege when start bounty? [duplicate]

I reach some privilege, say at 1500 rep. But now I have a question for which I want to start bounty, but I afraid I will lose my privilege. Will I lose a privilege when start bounty?
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If I earned a privilege and then lost the required reputation to get that privilege would I lose that privilege [duplicate]

I was wondering if I earned a privilege such as upvoting and I then started to loose enough points (like someone else downvoting my questions and answers) would I lose that privilege?
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Should users lose rights after awarding bounties? [duplicate]

I appreciate that there is a point system in place so that new users do not have too much power over the community when they start out. If anyone could sign up and edit/delete someone else's answers, ...
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Cast Close & Reopen Votes Privilege awarded at less than 3k rep [duplicate]

The Privilege for casting close and reopen votes was awarded to me when I was 1 point shy of 3,000. Anyone have any ideas?
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Why does giving a Bounty reduce your ranking on SO?

I recently placed my first bounty on Stack Overflow. I understand that by placing a bounty on a question, I am giving away some of my rep in an attempt to get a better answer / draw more attention to ...
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Stack Overflow Privileges

Why do I need to get more than 50 Reputation again to comment on answers after I have used 50 Reputation for bounty? Why aren't privileges declared as rights I can keep until I get banned/kicked or ...
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Why does the "You earned the privilege" achievement not disappear when I lose reputation?

I had posted an answer and got an upvote for it.So I got the "create tag synonyms" privilege(Since I got 2.5K rep). Then,the OP edited his code telling there was a mistake in it which made my answer ...
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Require a comment explaining the reason for the first downvote on a question [duplicate]

As far as I understand the system downvotes should educate the users and help keeping the standards of questions (and answers) as high as possible. Agreeing with a downvote and adding one more is ...
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