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How to handle questions with seemingly malicious (albeit legal) intent [duplicate]

I came across this question yesterday from a brand new user: I recently got pop-up from these websites, pop were screen blocker with infinite repeats: ...
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Should we allow questions that blatantly pertain to defrauding another website? [duplicate]

Note that this question was closed as a duplicate of a later question. (I did my research before posting.) This question was opened asking for help vote-spamming a third-party website. The thing is ...
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Moderator flag declined on question about solving troubles with writing malware [duplicate]

I have flagged this question for moderator attention due to the fact that in the edit history I've found that the OP has explained that he's facing problems when writing malware to prank his friends. ...
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What is the policy on questions that ask how to crack passwords? [duplicate]

In this post, the OP is asking how to "convert these hashed passwords to readable passwords." Since this is not a forum for black hat hackers, I would expect the question to be deleted. As it stands ...
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How to deal with questions where the asker is trying to write code with questionable moral implications? [duplicate]

I've come across a couple of questions where the user is asking an on-topic, well asked question about how to solve a problem they are facing, but in the background to the question they reveal or ...
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Programming questions with bad/malicious/fraudulent intention of OP [duplicate]

While reviewing, I recently came to a question which seems to be OK until you look closely. (archived link) (March 22, 2017 5:50:35 PM UTC) There, the OP has NO knowledge of JavaScript (he/she couldn'...
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Questions with the express purpose to attempt to subvert any form of security or IP protection should be handled a special way [duplicate]

I keep coming across questions like this: Now I doubt the question will get any attention, but I feel there ...
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Is criminal ransomware development allowed on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This little criminal has had his question up on our site for several hours. This isn't academic. It isn't a good question. It's some two-bit amateur criminal who needs our help in order to delete ...
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What to do about "my buffer overflow exploit isn't working" questions? [duplicate]

Picking the latest I saw as an example of the class, this is an example of "my exploit isn't working". Should these, in general, be considered as on-topic or off-topic for Stack Overflow? Strictly ...
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Handling reverse-engineering related questions [duplicate]

I recently started to participate more actively on StackOverflow community, answering people's questions, so I want to handle things properly. Is there a specific way to deal with questions that ...
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Is it inappropriate to give advice about avoiding bot detection? [duplicate]

I have recently come across several posts that seek help to avoid bot detection when running scripts on some website. I am avoiding posting examples here so as not to draw attention/meta effect to ...
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To what extent do we help out malicious hackers? [duplicate]

So the question is here, The person changed their question after I gave them the hint "for ...
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How to deal with potentially malcious or rather useless links in a question? [duplicate]

Various questions and answers on SO contain links that I would consider useless, or even potentially dangerous. (This is especially true for questions that deal with front-end web development.) There ...
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Official SO policy on answering questions related to Web scraping [duplicate]

I would like to know what is the SO policy on answering questions related to the web scraping (crawling and similar procedure). As an SO user, I am always ready to answer questions relating to web ...
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Are questions requesting help with "Fake Virus" code acceptable? [duplicate]

Just wondering if questions requesting help with Fake Viruses are considered acceptable? If the answer is no, what would the correct course of action be if someone asks a question that involves the ...
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