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Editing self-answer out of question [duplicate]

This self-answered question contains the answer in the question body. In this way it shows the easiest (and probably the best) way of solving the problem in a highly visible place. At the moment this ...
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Should you put an answer to your own question and mark it as the accepted answer or update your question? [duplicate]

This mainly relates to when you've asked a question, no ones given you a suitable answer and then you come up with it yourself. So my question is, if you have this situation should you post the ...
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How best to deal with self-answers edited into questions? [duplicate]

Prompted by the recent meta post regarding this question. The asker has edited their question to include the answer they found themselves. This is against Stack Overflow rules, which are to self-...
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Would you do anything about a question which was answered in the question? [duplicate]

I found this question, and its answer was added to the body of the question later by the OP. It is a bit confusing to follow, but the OP found what the issue was and updated the question and added an ...
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How to handle questions, which are solved via edit? [duplicate]

I have seen a lot of questions, where the asker edited his question with a remark "solved" and described the problem. I have taken a look into this answer, which is for a similar problem with comments....
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How to deal with OP providing an answer in the question? [duplicate]

I came across this question, and felt that I should remove ' - resolved' from the title; this isn't a forum. However, the resolution is provided by the OP, and in the OP. If I remove it, obviously ...
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How to deal with a question that includes the correct answer in the question? [duplicate]

This is a rather bizarre one, where an old question (2008) was asked that includes what turned out to be the answer. Question: Good way to use table alias in Update statement? Now I found this ...
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When someone answers their own question in an edit? [duplicate]

So today I came across this question that the user ended up finding their own answer to. The problem is that they answered it in an edit on the question instead of posting an answer. Is there anything ...
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should I move this answer-in-question to an answer? [duplicate]

should I move this answer-in-question to an answer? Are there any disadvantages to always using nvarchar(MAX)? I have the edit privs, should I use them?
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Post final solution in question [duplicate]

I have this old question where the answer I accepted was perfect but in a different programming language (Python, I required C++). Although the conversion is quite simple if you know both languages ...
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Extract solution from question and post it as answer [duplicate]

I keep running into questions where the OP found the solution to their problem either with the help of some comments, or based on an answer, and they decided to edit the solution into the problem. I'm ...
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How to handle someone editing their question with an answer after accepting an answer [duplicate]

I came across this question where the OP had edited the question to include the his implementation of the accepted answer. From this discussion on meta and I personally feel that this practise is ...
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Editing others post to maintain QA format [duplicate]

This is about a really worthy post but not in QA style. I asked OP to put it that way, but still he’s unaware of SO concepts as a new user. Shall I go ahead & edit this SO post, is it ok to split ...
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How handle OP editing question with solution [duplicate]

This in regards to this question. The OP found a solution and instead of posting as an answer, edited the question to show the solution. I commented on the post hoping the OP would change his edit ...
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Should I delete a solution from the question body? [duplicate]

If a user solves their own question, and updates their question with working code while not changing the rest of their question, what should I do? The user in my particular case simply added a ...
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