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Should we approve suggested edits that just remove thanks? [duplicate]

During a review I saw severals time the same user that just remove "Thanks in advance". After some hesitation I accepted this suggestion review, but sometimes in the same situation I had rejected ...
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User spamming edits removing only "Thanks" [duplicate]

I just rejected multiple edits by a single user since he only removed the "Thanks" or "Thanks in advance" part of any answer. After looking at the users history of reputation change I saw that he got ...
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Editing questions to remove "thank you in advance" after reaching 2k reputation [duplicate]

Will it be okay to remove "thank you" or "Hi, I am computer science student..."-like invocations from the question header/footer after reaching 2k reputation? I saw threads on Meta about it, and the ...
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Should I review the question as requires editing when there is a signature? [duplicate]

Many posts from newer users, and with that, many posts that land in the triage queue, have something attached in the end like "thank", "thanks in advance" or some signature. This doesn't make the ...
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Editing and offensive replies

I recently came across a question in which the OP had put a greeting (Hello Stackoverflow land), and ended with another two three lines of thanking. Seeing this as possibly distracting, I edited out ...
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What to do when a high-rep user is willfully breaking site rules/meta consensus?

AFAIK we have both a behavioural rule (, quote: Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings. Every post you make is already “signed” with your standard user ...
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Suggested edit was rejected, but the rejecting user applied almost the same edit

I suggested an edit, and another user rejected it and did the same edit by himself, Well, not exactly the same: I did replace all lowercase "I"s to uppercase since it's the correct way of writing the ...
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Are 2k+ Rep users overwriting suggested edits?

Context: There have been a few times that I have put quite a bit of work into a suggested edit, only to see an hour later that it shows as Rejected since someone else with 2k+ rep has edited the ...
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Rejected when removing unneeded comment?

I've edited a lot of posts in the past where I've removed comments like "thanks", "please help me", etc. and yet I just had an edit rejected for that exact reason. Am I doing something wrong? I've ...
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Got approved and rejected for pretty much the same edit (removing thanks)

Should I or should I not edit questions like I attempted here? Rejected Approved
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Show a warning window when OP add "thanks" in the question?

I always see some question with thanks, and I also always remove them because: Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts? Now my idea is, what about show ...
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