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Why isn't it good to ask multiple questions and answers in one question? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Detailed information about java gui programming, direct3d, opengl Why do these kind of questions get downvoted? I made it so many people can access it ...
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Which close reason to use for two questions in one post? [duplicate]

I came across this question today. It is effectively two questions in one post, one about fixing a SQL query and another about what looks like a DLL / reference problem. As the two answers that are ...
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I think I've been trolled. What should I do? [duplicate]

The question in question: Feel free to read the comments, TL;DR is: they ...
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Question about who uses and when or how to use a design pattern was closed [duplicate]

I've asked this question a few minutes ago and unfortunately 5 users voted it to be closed without giving me any hint in the comment why they did so. Unfortunately, I don't really understand why they ...
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Is this a bad question? and Why? [duplicate]

This is the question that get closed: How should I set interface property with gdbus I think I have described the question in details, just want to known why it's not good for SO.
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Multiple topics in a single question [duplicate]

What is the SO policy if a beginner asks multiple questions within a single one? Here is the justification. Seems beginners have some limit there: Also I have another doubt and as we can only post ...
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Is there any limit of questions in a post? [duplicate]

Can I ask multiple questions in a single post (here multiple means 5 or 6)
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How to Handle Multi-Part Question [duplicate]

I was reading this question and I'm curious as to the proper way to handle a multi-part question. The poster is asking for difficult help and I feel that I shouldn't answer unless I cover each part. ...
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If I have multiple questions over same subject, should I break it to multiple posts? [duplicate]

I have a topic where I have multiple, more and less detailed/related questions I would like to have an answer. Traditionally doing multiple posts in any forum would be considered spamming, but I am ...
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More than one question per post

If I have more than just one question (or error) about something (e.g. a TextBox control), should I group all of them in one only post or should I create a different post for each question or problem? ...
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Multi-part question answered with multiple answers by same member (different from OP) [closed]

I know how to handle a multi-part question in general, by closing it as too broad as per How to handle a question that asks many things How to Handle Multi-Part Question But what do I do when a ...
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How do I ask a question which encompasses multiple issues?

Sometimes I have multiple issues with my code, but they are connected to a point that I can't separate into multiple questions. I noticed that if I post a question about all of them at the same time, ...
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Why was my question put on hold as too broad? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I asked this question, I have edited several times but it still seems too broad. I was suggested to ...
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What can low-rep users do to to reopen their questions that were incorrectly closed as duplicates?

I asked a question about handling email in PHP, which unfortunately was very quickly sidetracked as a 'possible duplicate'. I am sure people are likely to read the title or first line and do the same ...
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What could be done to discourage combining of multiple questions into a single post?

Maybe when multiple question marks are found in the entered text show a popup window with an explanation of how posting a list of questions reduces the chance of those questions to be answered? I do ...
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