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Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

In February, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Here's an update on what we've done since then and what we're working on now. TL;DR: We are still conducting ...
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What's the policy on down voting previously correct but now outdated answers?

As we know, software changes. Perfectly good, accepted and up voted answers can become obsolete over time. Earlier today a user left a comment on one of my older answers pointing out that it is now ...
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How can recent answers catch up with popular old answers?

I have seen many old questions, which have been answered in the last 4 to 7 years and the top 3 answers have been written during that time. I have seen some recent good answers, which are more ...
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What is the Meta consensus on comments that self-promote answers to old questions?

When answering an old question, when is it appropriate to add a comment under the question promoting your answer? In my experience answering old questions in the pandas tag, I have come across other ...
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Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?

I have seen so many answers to questions that are brilliant, but due to a low number of views they don't have as many upvotes as they should (IMHO). So, if a user has an answer that they believe ...
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What can be done about C++ answers that are now obsolete?

After years in C#, I'm learning C++, and naturally I often turn to Stack Overflow to help me figure out how to do things. Many common Stack Overflow C++ questions have answers from the site's ...
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I have a new answer for one (or more) old questions

I've been struggling with an issue all day, finally to discover the solution. I've found several SO questions that directly cover this issue, and all have been marked with an answer that is different ...
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Is it acceptable to use the custom message on a bounty to promote a specific answer?

I recently found a bounty question with this custom message: The current answers do not contain enough detail. Although this question had many answers already, I didn't feel that any of them ...
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What kind of bounty message is acceptable for promoting your own answer?

According to Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?, it's generally considered OK to promote your answer on a question by adding a bounty to the question. ...
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Can I set a bounty on a question I didn't ask? [duplicate]

Recently I found the exact same question I wanted to ask made by someone else here, however no one has answered the question and in my oppinion it really deserves an answer. How can I bring attention ...
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Policy on upvoting old answers

I am going to start out by stating that I have searched for this, or a similar question, on Meta. I've had no luck in finding a question close enough to this one, so I figured I'd create a new one! (...
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Is it OK to ask same question if it is outdated for better/newer answer/solution?

If there exists a question in Stack Overflow that is an accepted answer but the date of it was for so long ago that there is great chance new/better answers might come along. Users don't pay attention ...
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How to ask for help forming a question

I'm ultimately trying to re-ask an old question (Developer specific app config web config files), which is a) out of date and b) I've already tried all answers listed there applicable to me but ...
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How can I raise the profile of a contemporary answer when a decade-old answer have been upvoted hundreds of times? [duplicate]

This question, Isn't it silly that a tiny favicon requires yet another HTTP request? How can I put the favicon into a sprite?, was asked and answered a long time ago (2011). It's a good question - ...
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Getting new answers on an old and popular question [duplicate]

Usually, the most basic questions on various topics exist in SO for a while, have tons of upvotes and tons of upvoted good and not so good answers. The things is that sometimes the initial question ...
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