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Accepting and promoting new answer to an old question

I've written new answer to very old question because old answers were using old technologies which will soon be unsupported. How can I promote it to become more popular and accepted? I read Promoting ...
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Is it OK to ask same question if it is outdated for better/newer answer/solution?

If there exists a question in Stack Overflow that is an accepted answer but the date of it was for so long ago that there is great chance new/better answers might come along. Users don't pay attention ...
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Dealing with posts with an outdated accepted answer [duplicate]

I have come across some posts (related to Jdbc) in this forum that have answers that are outdated due to the future driver versions either changing the way things worked or phasing out(depricated) ...
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Should Stack Overflow encourage people to answer old questions that weren't answered for long time? [duplicate]

I am wondering if digging up old questions (some asked even years ago) is useful. Stack Overflow does so by granting badges and having bots digging up old questions. Since programming languages and ...
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