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Code not appearing in code blocks [duplicate]

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Why are bullet points breaking my code blocks? [duplicate]

When I type this: - There are no errors in the console log. - No errors when ran through JS Hint - Chrome debugger shows the code executed - Chrome Elements tab does **not** show the styles as loaded ...
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Indentation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Why does indentation go off if I add space in between? Without space: With space:
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Edit profile page for "10-million questions" event? has this suggestion (last line): Not a fan of teh twitters? No problem. Just add #SOreadytohelp to your "About Me" on your profile page. (I am not a fan of teh ...
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Code blocks in list items don't render correctly

I want to have a code block displayed as part of or after a list item. However, the codeblock below a list item doesn't render as a code block. How do I format a list and code block together? Input:...
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When I edit this answer, Installing PERCL GeoIP for PHP on windows XAMPP, <IfModule geoip_module> GeoIPEnable On GeoIPDBFile bin/GeoIP.dat </IfModule> I removed ` ...
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