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Review audits need to be picked better [duplicate]

I just failed an audit, because I voted to close a very short-looking question. This question is c++, but I filtered it with discord.js. As usual, it showed the discord.js tag along with the other ...
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Review audits ignore filters [duplicate]

I was reviewing and set the filter to questions only. I then received an answer to review, which turned out to be an audit. Audits seem to bypass filters, so if you receive something that your ...
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Close audits don't respect tag filters [duplicate]

I was just going through the close queue for questions tagged java when a C++ template metaprogramming question popped up. As suspected, this was an audit question. Is noticing the discrepancy enough ...
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Fake tags in audits [duplicate]

I've just got that question to the audit: I'm filtering questions using 'Java'. I've seen the question with the tag 'Java' with a syntax that doesn't ...
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Close vote review queue showing unrelated close type question as an audit [duplicate]

While working on the Close Vote review queue today I selected "Opinion-based" to narrow the type of reviewing I was doing. The first question presented was a "details or clarity" ...
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Flaw in audit system: close votes [duplicate]

If I review close votes and click on one of the "by type" choices, for instance, "duplicates", I only get to see questions that are being voted to close as duplicates, naturally. Except if one of the ...
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Audit too obvious when review queue is filtered [duplicate]

I have been doing review for close votes and I filtered to primarily opinion-based. I stumbled upon one question, unfortunately the screen capture doesn't say it perfectly: but before I passed it, it ...
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Should selection of "check if you are paying attention" review audits be filter aware? [duplicate]

I noticed that if I apply a filter when reviewing questions, the occasional "check if you are paying attention" audit post does not necessarily conform to that filter. As an example, if I ...
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Weirdness with tags in the close queue [duplicate]

I'm experiencing something weird today when reviewing the close queue with a filter on [postgresql]. Several times, I've stumbled on questions that seem to have that tag, despite having nothing to do ...
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Audit Fails to Prepend Correct Tag [duplicate]

Please note only the first linked duplicate is actually a dupe. The second one predates any "appending tags" behavior in audits. (Not sure how duplicate list editing works here on meta, but if a gold ...
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This review is obviously an audit. Is this a bug?

There are many easy ways to tell that a review task is really an audit. You can just visit the link for more information about the actual post before making a decision. You can examine timestamps. ...
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Confusing review audits caused by adding unrelated tags

Up until very recently, the review queue for particular tags has given completely unrelated and, in my opinion, wildly inappropriate audit questions. Now, it seems that the process has been "improved"...
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Question got a random tag added to it in review

I was surprised to see this review item appear in my queue since I don't have Python as one of my filter tags. I switched to the "Question (revised)" tab and noticed it was tagged javascript which is ...
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Answer Audits Appearing Even Though I set the Filter to be Questions Only

I was recently suspended from review because the system says I failed three audits. When I was reviewing, I set the filter to be "Questions Only" (as shown below) but answer audits keep ...
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The buttons in review audit are misplaced [closed]

This proposed change is looking like this: The buttons are a little bit on the wrong side for some reason.
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