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How do you attract attention to questions on Meta, if there is no bounty to dole out? [duplicate]

Here on Meta, we can't use bounties. So what shall I do then, if I believe an old post of mine didn't get enough attention?
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How can I draw attention to a question in Meta? [duplicate]

There are a couple of questions I asked here in Meta that are not being resolved: Removing the [less] tag from UNIX questions using the "less" command. Good thing to do? Revoke tag synonym ...
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Is there a way to "bump" an old meta post? [duplicate]

I posted a bug report a while back on meta Despite being confirmed by another user who posted the same bug (link) it received very little attention from the team. The bug still exists and I'd like ...
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How do you bring a bug post back into attention [duplicate]

On December the 29th 2014 I've posted a bug on Stack Exchange websites occuring in Internet Explorer: Bug: Stack Overflow not clickable anymore when saving comment edit with enter This bug is on ...
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Is it allowed to bump a question by doing an unnecessary edit?

Suppose I asked a question and it did not get enough attention for about 1 day. Is it then allowed to do an unnecessary edit to my question so that it appears at the top of the question list?
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What should you do if nobody answers your question? Can you repost it? [duplicate]

If nobody answers your question and a month has gone by what should you do apart from offer a bounty? Should you delete the question and then re-write it as a new question?
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How to rekindle burnination requests that failed to ignite? [duplicate]

I came across the rather useless square today, and a quick search showed me a year-old request that got nowhere, yet people are still abusing the tag a couple of times a week. I could, of course, ...
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Is it wrong to try to draw attention to a post I feel should be closed?

There is a question where I'm not sure what went wrong. It was asked 3 years ago but is a very poor question. It's in a popular tag (C++) but got very few views (probably as a result of the poor title)...
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Plain-text email alerts for jobs are very badly formatted [duplicate]

As a subscriber to a number of high volume mailing lists, I use mutt, a text-based email client for quickly reading and processing the hundreds of emails that I receive weekly. Since I signed up to ...
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Bringing attention to old meta questions (when you can't edit)

tl;dr How can I bring attention to old posts that I can neither edit nor offer a bounty on? Enter the rabbit hole. Halfway through reading the (visible) comments on What is Stack Overflow's Goal? it ...
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Why did my question get listed in the "interesting questions" list? [duplicate]

I created a question and immediately saw it getting listed in "interesting questions" list. How do you decide which question goes in "newest questions" list and which one goes in "interesting ...
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How should Meta Stack Overflow proposals be brought to moderators' attention?

This may seem like a duplicate of this at first glance, but it isn't. There are a few proposed changes (like retag-requests) that have been around for quite some time and despite community approval, ...
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Comment formatting is not working with & (and other special characters) sign(s) after letters/words

When using the & sign in a comment, the formatting is not parsed correctly for example, SO is a Q&A site. The comment doesn't seem to get formatted as it is supposed to as can be seen in ...
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How is the Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise version deployed?

I read that the Enterprise version offers managed cloud and on-premises deployment. Is this managed cloud different than SaaS which is available in the free, basic and business versions? What are all ...
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Tag synonym request for `lme4` and `lmer`

I don't know where else to put this request: if I try to propose a tag synonym pair lme4/lmer I get Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators This is a false positive (lme4 is not ...
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