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Asking a new question for a complement of an old question? [duplicate]

Basically, I implement a solution of this question: Spring: Convert String from View to a Calendar Object But I'm getting an error. Should I answer this question with my error asking how to solve ...
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Should I make a new question or keep the update? [duplicate]

Should I make this question's update 2 a new question, or should I just leave it? I started off with a question about iPhone orientation. Someone wrote an answer that I should be using auto-layout, I ...
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Appropriate to Re-ask questions? [duplicate]

This is a follow up to an earlier question of mine - I asked this question recently. However, due to the fact that I am very inexperienced in swift, I explained my question really badly and with (what ...
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Changing original question, asking follow up questions [duplicate]

I answered a question that explained why code in the post wasn't working. OP asked follow up questions and I instructed them to ask a new question. I always assumed you should ask a new question if ...
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Should I reword the original question after discovering that the original question had false assumptions? [duplicate]

Summary So I asked this question earlier today that has a rather interesting timeline. My initial question assumed it was a truncation issue so I worded it as "How to return full output in console (...
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Questions are now rate-limited to 1 per 90 minutes?

I'm unable to post any question at Stack Overflow. It says "You can only post once every 90 minutes". I faced this issue yesterday as well. Was this changed from the previous 20 minutes? If so, why?
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Link for poor or ever-growing questions to better explain why people stop answering

Given the amount of questions that start with "I am very new to (x) and how do I do this...", questions that lead in to the inevitable "Ok that is working but now...", it seems like it would be ...
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Is it acceptable to rollback a question to remove an additional question?

Earlier I came across this question where the OP had been given an answer and accepted it, then hours later updated their question to ask a new question. Also note, the new question was added at the ...
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What to do if my question is answered and I need to completely change my question? [duplicate]

Recently I asked a question: How to count student number on different conditions in an attendance sheet I did not get any good reply (in terms of my understanding). Now that I tried to worked around ...
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Proposal to group your related questions together in a series

I think it would be useful if we could group questions together in (a) series. For example, the Documentation Beta updates are a series of questions, but they aren't grouped as such: Documentation ...
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600 character limit on comments

1. It diagnoses most problems incorrectly Here are a few situations that I thought of where a comment exceeding 600 characters is likely: A user is answering a question in a comment A user is asking ...
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My comment is deleted with no obvious reason [duplicate]

Note: the "duplicate" link/question is exactly what I have put into my OP. And one can see that only the questions-part are the same with it. I.e., the situation is mine. Just like I said, &...
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Edit the answer in response to OPs comments?

I ran into an interesting comment to one of my answers yesterday. The OP asked a question, I answered it (some say partially). Now, the OP asked a couple of questions as comments to my answer. I ...
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What to do when an answer is drawn out to a discussion inside the comments? [duplicate]

I started out helping somebody on a question that I first misunderstood. After getting further by asking questions using comments, I have the feeling that this question has kinda run out of control ...
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