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Bug in sidebar of “Ask Question” page [duplicate]

I noticed a bug. When you scroll down on the Ask Question page, the sidebar on the right pushes into the footer. Seen on both Chrome and Safari. Safari Version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3) Mac OS X Yosemite 10....
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Right Menu in Editing help page overlaps the footer [duplicate]

The right menu in Editing help page overlaps the footer content when scrolled to the bottom. Browser: Google Chrome
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The How to format sidebar slides down when scrolling [duplicate]

I just noticed this today while I was framing a question. The "How to Format" help section appears to slide down screen. Please see the screenshots to see this I don't know if this has already been ...
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Floating Div Bug found while in edit mode [duplicate]

I found a bug while editing a post. There is a floating div to the right of the page. During "edit" mode this floating div becomes "fixed" after you scroll down so much on the page. The problem is ...
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Help box on the right bleeds over the text on the bottom [duplicate]

Especially when the text box gets long, it seems like the help box on the right covers the links on the bottom of the stackoverflow page: I guess this isn't a full-on bug, but in my opinion it's a ...
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Overlapping UI elements on Ask Questions page [duplicate]

These yellow card things on the Ask Question page aren't looking good. They are overlapping the footer.
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Layout issue - right hand side column overlapping footer [duplicate]

When I edit my question and scroll down, the right hand side column overlaps the footer. I am not sure if it should be that way, but it feels a bit strange. I use Firefox 46.0.1.
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Side bar scrolling issue while try to edit question with error [duplicate]

Right Sidebar scrolling down and overlap footer.. This issue occurs when try to edit question with error in question and continuously scroll up and scroll down screen.
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Overlay is mixed with the footer [duplicate]

This happened to me couple of minutes ago. I wanted to save edit, but this happened. Please note how the "How to Format" interacts with the background. I am using Chrome on Mac Sierra. The question ...
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Sidebar is not hiding even after scrolling [duplicate]

In the image you can see that I've captured a snapshot while asking this question scrolled down, but the sidebar doesn't hide when it overlays the footer, Why?
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"Similar Question" sidebar z-index issue

When formulating a new question, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, the "Similar Question" sticky sidebar sits above the footer, but below the footer text. I realize that these ...
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Stack Overflow Election page bug

There's a CSS/designing bug as I have observed at the moderator election page:
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