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Does the same answer imply that the questions should be closed as duplicate?

Yesterday, I answered a question about C++ input with an answer that described the very common problem of mixing cin >> and getline in the same program and the confusion that ensues. Three ...
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How similar does a question need to be to another to be marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This question has been dupe-hammered by Jens earlier today. It has been reopened (and reclosed) since; but my question about the validity of dupe votes remains. Quick summary of the question: OP ...
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Should 2 different questions that lead to the same answer be marked as duplicate? [duplicate]

I've asked a question which was marked as a duplicate. I agree that both question leads to the same answer, but I think both questions are different. Should it really be considered a duplicate? ...
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Duplicate answer = duplicate question? [duplicate]

My question here has been answered already as shown in the comments, but the question is not actually the same. Does this still mean it should be considered a duplicate? For clarity, my question is ...
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What to do with bad duplicate closings [duplicate]

For a while I've been seeing a trend where a question is closed as a duplicate where the questions have a rough amount of overlap, but aren't duplicates in the sense of the word. Take the question "...
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2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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How to handle questions whose root cause is an already well-answered issue?

Debugging-help questions usually have this format: I am trying to do stuff. I wrote this code: stuff code But it does not do stuff, it goes bleh instead. What went wrong? Sometimes the cause ...
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Used the idea behind the answer and made a better solution, how to communicate that? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question, and got an answer. That answer gave me the idea for what I ended up implementing, which in my mind is a better solution altogether. Now what? The answer is correct, it ...
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Answering "borderline duplicate" questions

In this 2009 blog article, Jeff Atwood wrote : As we get more and more questions in Stack Overflow, the issue of duplicate questions becomes more pressing. The odds of any question being a duplicate, ...
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Unique questions with similar answers

Recently got a 4 year old post of mine flagged for being a duplicate. The wording of the prompt says: This question may already have an answer here. The piece that confuses me is that in this ...
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Different questions with the same answer - best practice?

Sometimes questions aren't exactly the same but they touch on a common concern and share a single answer. A few good examples include: Using static file serving instead of Websockets/SSE to keep ...
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A duplicate (or near-duplicate) answer doesn't automatically mean that a question is a duplicate [duplicate]

As has been discussed before and answered, more than once, duplicate answers may suggest, but do not prove, that questions are duplicates. That said, please consider this question: Determine if string ...
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Are questions closed as duplicates eventually deleted?

I asked a question that I was then able to find the answer to after reading through comments in similar questions. I answered my own question using information I learned in those comments: Why does ...
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Is a question a duplicate if the context is different but the original problem the same?

I just stumbled with this question, where the author has a problem with the zip() function in python 3, but posts as a neural networks problem. The question was edited with the following: ////////////...
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Can I flag similar questions?

Look into this question: he was asking for split string into Textboxes in VB.NET and here is a similar ...
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