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my comment got removed, no idea why [duplicate]

I often see posts where the user assumed something weird, like "I assume the bug must be here", "I assume the rest of the code is fine", "I assume that's how the API works". In those cases, I tend to ...
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What the ..f***? [duplicate]

How to handle questions that the OP says WTF when (s)he receives a downvote (a fair one)? Other things that were said: WHAT THE F*** STACKOVERFLOW?? ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME? We are helping for ...
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Automatic deletion of comment by non Mod? [duplicate]

I'm obviously not a moderator, nor a user with >10k rep (so have no moderation tools), but somehow about 90% of my flags I have cast on comments in the past hour (probably around 30) have caused the ...
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How come this flag handled instantly? [duplicate]

I was reading this question How can I profile my Android app?'s answer and saw a comment below it. I find it offensive so flag it and flag got handled within next second. Here is snapshot of my flag ...
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Comment deletion rules [duplicate]

I experienced deleted comments in the last few days and the last comment apparently was deleted automatically by the system. While searching on meta, I didn't find any information on how comments ...
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Can we please do something to reduce the "please accept this answer if it was useful" comments? [duplicate]

I have seen it frequently enough, and I wanted to know what your opinion was. Here is sampling of these : You're welcome. You should accept this answer. @eugenn Glad it was useful. And feel free ...
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Flagging comments at 20K [duplicate]

In accordance with this meta question, I came across a "If this answer has solved your question please consider accepting it <blah>, <blah> ..." comment and decided to test the ...
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An obsolete comment I flagged was instantly deleted- what gives? [duplicate]

I got a notification that someone suggested an edit to an answer I wrote (TL:DR; I rejected it as it was making an unnecessary change to the URL). I then went to the actual question and found that the ...
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Why are some comments deleted immediately upon flagging? [duplicate]

I was looking at this question, and noticed that the OP had left the same boilerplate comment on two of the answers. Something like: Thanks for the answer. I will get back to you. So I flagged ...
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Flagged comment instantly marked as helpful [duplicate]

I flagged a comment on this answer and it disappeared instantly, even if I refresh the page. I checked the status of the flag (Flagged Posts for Adelin - Mods only) and it shows it was helpful. How ...
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Are certain flagged comments automatically removed? [duplicate]

It has happened at least 4 times that I flagged comments as too chatty and the were instantly removed. Usually when I flag comments, they stay there with a flag sign next to them. But in these 4 ...
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How to deal with users who are being abusive on valid criticism?

I recently came across a question which was like How do I create something like this … ? and the only detail was a link to a screenshot. I commented asking the OP to be specific and post a sample ...
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What have I done wrong if OP comments "this entire site is discouraging to newcomers"? Considering rudeness / politeness

I recently came across this (now deleted) question which to me seemed like a I haven't tried anything, can you please do my job? question. Therefore, I added a comment with more or less the standard ...
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What can we do when someone uses bad language to answer your question?

I just saw on Stack Overflow that someone was using bad language, may be just for fun, on a good question. What can we do about this?
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What happens if a comment is flagged "no longer needed"?

I often flag comments as "no longer needed" when the question has been edited in a way so the comment doesn't make anymore sense. So what does actually happen with such comments: Is the comment ...
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