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Why was I able to vote on the same answer twice in the Low Quality Post queue?

I see a similar question involving Suggested Edits. My issue involves the Low Quality queue. I was twice given the answer to this question to review. Here is what happened: I first approved it (...
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Review cache indicator / timer

User story The well-intentioned reviewer: 1 millisecond later: Problem statement The queue lengths advertised on the review page are now cached because recalculating them for every page click was ...
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Do not show review alert when user reached review limit [duplicate]

Sometimes at the top of the page appears red box with a number (for example 30). When I hover into it then I see that there are 30 suggested edits pending approval. The idea of this box is clear to me....
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Bug in the "Help and Improvement" review - Count is incorrect

I think there is a bug in the Help and Improvement review queue. For example, if the question count is 5, and I start reviewing and just quickly skip questions, I'm usually done after 2 or 3, not ...
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Review Queue shows posts but on click it says queue is clear [duplicate]

Upon a refresh, the review queue shows there are posts to be reviewed But when I click it, it says it is empty This happens quite often and I am unsure why it is showing that there are posts in the ...
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