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/review seems stuck with stale numbers today [duplicate]

I have never experienced this problem before in all my time of reviewing. I can't believe that caching on my browser (Firefox) is behaving differently today. What I am seeing is stale numbers in ...
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facing problem for reviewing first post [duplicate]

please look below image from today morning when i am clicking on 'Review' then I am getting above results of reviewing every time and when i click on the link for reviewing then there is no item ...
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Review queue count not correct [duplicate]

For the past one week, I notice an issue in the review queue count in stackoverflow. In the review queue summary page, it is showing some count and when I open particular review task, it is not ...
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Why does the "X open review tasks" indicator show, even though there aren't any posts to review? [duplicate]

I've noticed this happening a lot recently; I'll be going through my favourite tags, looking at interesting posts, flagging/editing bad ones, etc, then when I refresh the page the open review count ...
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Posts pending in Review queue, but doesn't appear on review page when clicked [duplicate]

I'm facing this issue since last 12-15 days. When in click on "review" tab on main navigation bar, then page comes up with come pending review post count as show below. But, if I click on "First ...
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Why does it sometimes say that I can review posts when I really can't? [duplicate]

When I'm heading to my review window I sometimes get this thing happening. First: So I think "great, 9 reviews. Much fun!". But when I click the link it gives me this: Why is that? (I don't think ...
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I have reviews I can do, but none show up! Why? [duplicate]

I am constantly checking the review section of StackOverflow; however, nothing is really showing up in First Answer Stats Late Answer Stats I am refreshing the page, and I can see that reviews today ...
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Review Notification still show after all Posts and Answers has been reviewed [duplicate]

I am not sure if this is a new thing in SO, but after I reviewed all First Post and Late Answers, still it shows the number of post and answers unattended? But when I click the link to review, there's ...
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Reviews are not updating [duplicate]

On my Review queue, I can see this: But when I click on "Low Quality Posts" I am told that There are no items for you to review. This is fine, I understand that, sometimes, all the reviews were taken ...
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Bug? While trying to review first time question [duplicate]

So the issue happened in all 3 major browsers (!IE) and with cleared cookies. While trying to review it says one number, but when going inside it says this queue has been cleared; is this a known bug?...
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Reviewing tasks dashboard bug [duplicate]

All the time I see, on the reviewing tasks, lot of posts to review. When I choose one type of them by clicking on it, I see no posts are available. And when I click back, I see there are As this ...
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"posts awaiting review" orange counter is way off

Simple math: 4 + 1 = 5, not 21. I believe there was a recent change counting all posts one can review (except Close queue of course) instead of only suggested edits, but still... there shouldn't ...
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Why number of Suggested Edits showing different?

I have clicked on the button given in the title bar for giving review for suggested edit. but, I could not see any pending review for suggested edit in ...
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Review-Overview is Slow

Every now and then clicking on is extremely slow or not working at all. I assume that it has got something to do with recalculation or creating the aggregated data for ...
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Why does the First Posts Queue sometimes have a dramatic spike in post count?

I've been reviewing for a few months, and I've never seen the First Posts queue with more than 15 posts in it at once (and even that was only because of the new caching). Recently, there were ~165 ...
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