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Is there an appropriate StackExchange site to show my code to check best practices?

If you're trying to learn a new framework or programming language, documentation and examples usually aren't enough. In my case it's Django. There are so many ways to create multiple types of users ...
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Are "Is it a good practice...?" questions off topic or opinion-based?

Many times I am programming something and wondering if what I'm doing is or not a good practice (it doesn't mean that I'm asking for code reviews as some people say, in fact I don't include code). So ...
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Why would my question be considered opinion-based? How can I improve the question?

Recently I asked this question concerning escaping passwords in PHP and found this morning the question has been closed as primarily opinion based. Why would that be so? The question is clear and the ...
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Why is the best-practices tag not allowed? [duplicate]

I noticed that the best-practices tag didn't exist, so I wanted to create it, but the system wouldn't let me. I understand that most questions marked with that tag would probably be opinion based, but ...
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Tag specific information required?

One of the standard things that comes up a lot in the perl questions, is to: use strict; use warnings; Because it turns on a load of things that are optional, but good practice (and in so doing, ...
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Can we specify requiring objective answers to prevent "close as opinion based" if I don't know whether my questions have objective answers?

This question is related to questions discussed at here (To reduce meta-effect, I don't paste the question links here:( ), but now I'm not arguing the linked questions. I hope I can describe the ...
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Questions about good production practice [duplicate]

I have questions about practices for software in production, and the transition from development to production. Is Stack Overflow the appropriate place to ask these questions? Some are high-level, ...
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Questions about best coding practice [duplicate]

I recently asked a question about a coding problem to which I had several possible solutions, and I was asking which one would be considered best practice, or if any of them would be considered ...
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Why do people downvote questions from people with only a few reputations? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why do we separate ViewModels per Activity/Fragment? This is a question I got from a professional website and I couldn't answer the question. The ...
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