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What's the purpose of locking a vote down until the next edit? [duplicate]

I recently voted up for an answer to a question of mine. Later I found out that the post was just copied from another answer and I wanted to take back my vote. This was not possible because the ...
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Unlocking a vote flaw [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow when you vote (up/down) after 15 minutes or so your vote gets locked in, and it's only through an edit that you would be able to undo your vote. Just now I downvoted a a question ...
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Undo downvote without the need to edit downvoted answer [duplicate]

Context: user B downvotes user A's answer and leaves a comment saying that the answer does not address the question; user A explains how the answer does indeed address the question; user B agrees but ...
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Can we please allow changing votes? [duplicate]

The rationale behind locking in votes is to prevent "tactical downvoting" - more specifically, to prevent people from getting their reputation back after downvoting. However, this comes at a huge ...
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Retracting the downvote even if the answer was not edited [duplicate]

At the moment it is not possible to retract a downvote when the answer was not edited. I have DV-ted the answer by mistake (I wanted to upvote it). But system does not let me change it. You last ...
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Inability to remove upvote considered harmful [duplicate]

I sometimes do a flurry of research, and find what looks like a very helpful question and answer somewhere in the Stack Overflow metaverse. I upvote them. Later, hours or days later, I may discover ...
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I downvoted an answer, it was deleted and changed, now I can't un-down-vote

I down-voted an answer to this question. Not the greatest question, sure, but the answer was still way off. The answer was soon after deleted, and I got my 1 rep point back. I logged on later and saw ...
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Prevent voting on answers by users who have answers

Here are the requirements of this feature: If a user has already voted on an answer, after making her own answer, her vote on that answer no longer counts. If a user has already has his own answer, ...
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Expire vote locks after a month

Currently, we can't un-upvote or un-downvote answers we voted on in the past. This is to prevent strategic voting and is generally a good thing©. However, sometimes I want to un-upvote or un-...
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Ask question, get answer, up-vote, try it, find out it doesn't work, answer upvotes locked until user edits? [closed]

So this is probably my fault for upvoting before testing... But should upvotes and downvotes for answers really be locked for the asker of a question? I guess from now on I'll test before upvoting....
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Allow users to revert votes on answers after edit on the question

I just want to get out of the way that this is not meant for a discussion on whether vote lock-in has its place or not. This question already exists. Now, my personal question is, Should the vote ...
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Have we considered these ideas to be used with/instead of vote lock-in?

Yesterday I asked about editing in order to fix an accidental vote. That got me thinking and reading about vote locking. It appears that Shog9 has the definitive answer as to why the vote-lock ...
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Exception to the limits on changing votes has an "abuse" opportunity

If I have voted on a post, after some time the vote isn't supposed to be changeable, with 2 exceptions: you may change your vote within a five-minute window you may change your vote after a post is ...
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Can't fix up incorrect upvote? [duplicate]

I can't change my vote on an answer (to someone else's question). I voted a question up accidentally but found that pushing the down arrow after that would not let me remove my vote. After returning ...
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