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Request to merge tags [azure-data-factory-2] with [azure-data-factory]

There are 2,716 questions tagged azure-data-factory There are 1,406 questions tagged azure-data-factory-2 There are 743 questions tagged azure-data-factory and azure-data-factory-2 This means ...
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Improve How to Tag Instructions

Users do not appreciate how tags are implemented. The issue has been highlighted many times, specifically for Python too. Probably not coincidentally, the image shows the single post tagged [python] ...
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Usefulness of the [Python-3.x] tag

As the use of Python3 becomes more widespread and Python2 approaches its EOL, I find the use of the python-3.x tag being less and less relevant and more synonymous with the python tag. I wonder if ...
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Gold dupehammer after updating tags with generic language tag [duplicate]

Trivial, but annoying, issue I found while trying to exercise the Gold dupehammer. There is a question, Group by first column and append cells from second column, which is a clear duplicate of Pandas ...
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Choosing Qt tags

Currently there are a few levels of tags related to Qt: The general qt Major versions, e.g. qt4 Minor versions, e.g. qt4.8 Should I use all 3 levels? E.g. when asking a question and using Qt 4.8, ...
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Adding more general version of tags [duplicate]

When reviewing I see a lot of edits that propose a more generalized version of already added tags. For example people add javascript to a question already tagged with jquery (a JavaScript framework) ...
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Should [perl6] questions be tagged with the [perl] tag as well?

In How is this Perl sensical, considering Perl 6's type system?, the question was initially tagged with both the perl and perl6. I untagged perl, but @ThisSuitIsNotBlack pointed out that the ...
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What is the difference between the [c++], [c++11] and [c++14] tags?

I posted What is the standard compliant way to convert a signed integral value to a sortable, unsigned in C++? And the c++11 c++14 tags were removed in an edit, but I reverted because I wanted a ...
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merge request: [jquery-datatables] and [datatables] [duplicate]

jquery-datatables and datatables tags reference the same thing. They have the same description, one has 4k questions tagged, the other 2k. I think datatables should become an alias for jquery-...
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Should I use both tags - java and java-8 [duplicate]

I see that some questions on Stack Overflow are tagged with java-8 but lack the java tag. For me personally this has lead to me missing out on some of the java-8 questions before realizing this (now I ...
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Whould tags from different ”levels” be kept? [duplicate]

Should we keep tags from different “granularity levels”, even when one is clearly a child of another? In this example, android is added to a post already tagged android-mediaplayer. Reduntant or ...
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How come I got +4 rep points for a single post edit?

I've been editing a post lately and after a while, I received +4 rep points for that edit. I assumed +2 is the common rep gain for edits. is there a special edit aspect that gives a +4? EDIT It ...
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Same tags with different version numbers [duplicate]

Is there a suggested use of tagging a question with the same tag but with different version numbers? For instance, if I want to tag my question with Xcode 5.1 should I use both the xcode and xcode5 ...
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Wouldn't tag inheritance make sense?

Several times, I wondered if adding a notion of inheritance between tags would be useful. And I think so. This would majorly make sense with versions. Let's take a few examples: css and css3 html ...
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Why was the C# 2.0 tag removed from my question?

I asked a question (question has been deleted for reasons unrelated to this question) about some code of mine. Nothing in the question was specific to C# 2.0 but that is the version I am developing in....
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