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Are broad tags like [function] or [class] actually useful? If not, what should we do about it?

Personally, I never find any use for these tags because they apply to tens of thousands of questions in a variety of languages. Even if I filter per-language in a search, such as looking for "[c++...
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Why was this question flagged as needs more focus?

I've posted this question that has been closed with the reason: This question needs to be more focused (...) Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. Why? The question is focused on a ...
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Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? [duplicate]

Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? I don't think it should go to Stack Overflow. Where can I do that?
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Clean up [code-translation]

I think that the code-translation tag could need a clean up. The current tag wiki excerpt reads: For questions regarding the translation of code from one programming language to another. NOTE that ...
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Why was my code translation question closed?

I came across this question Convert "for loop" from Python to C++ that asked for a translation of a single line of code written in python into C++. To me, this question seems to be on-topic ...
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Shouldn't "convert sql query to ORM" questions be duplicate?

I am following the Laravel tag every day, and I see this type of questions from time to time, maybe have seen them 20 times or more. The title is always something like this: Convert/Translate (raw) ...
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Should we burninate the [equivalent] tag?

I used a question with the equivalent tag and it got put on hold with the reason being that "Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site ...
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Should "equivalent feature" questions include two language tags? [duplicate]

There are a lot of (perfectly valid) questions of the form Does Language X have a feature similar to Z in Language Y? Sometimes these questions include the tag for Language X only, but sometimes ...
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"I have this in language X, implement/help in language Y" - how do I respond? [duplicate]

This is a question I came across just now: The user has implemented a busy indicator in jQuery already and they ...
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Proper tagging for language conversion questions [duplicate]

How should on-topic language conversion questions be tagged? Options: source language + destination language only destination language destination language and some other conversion specific tags ...
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Which flag can be used for "convert some code to another programming language"? [duplicate]

Today I found a question where the OP wants someone to convert some code to another programming language. I want to flag that question to close it, but I can't find a flag like that.
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How to deal with "translate this for me" [duplicate]

I've come across a number of questions (this one being the most recent) which is asking for someone to translate some code from language A in to language B, often without showing any effort on their ...
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Is "How do I convert code from this language to this language" too broad? [duplicate]

For context: Post request with c# with TLSx1 I see questions like this all the time. To me it reads as "Rumor has it Stack Overflow is a coding service. Can you convert this code for me from language ...
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Why do Swift questions on Stack Overflow get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions?

Why do Swift questions get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions? Swift is attractive to new developers. A new developer may not be at a level to understand Objective-C syntax and may be ...
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