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Dealing with posts with an outdated accepted answer [duplicate]

I have come across some posts (related to Jdbc) in this forum that have answers that are outdated due to the future driver versions either changing the way things worked or phasing out(depricated) ...
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How can we deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

I was prompted to ask this after reading this answer (scored +749/-3) Note: The answer has been edited and is now correct. Previous version The answer wasn't bad when it was added, but the ...
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Editing etiquette: why did I receive such a negative reaction?

Today I posted a mostly well received question (currently at +12). I received several useful answers. I amended one with extra information and its poster received it well. Another good answer (by a ...
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Good question, old version-dependent answer

How should we handle highly rated but out-dated answers to still-relevant questions? Example: How to delete a module in Android Studio (It's a good 1 year old question with 17,878 views) Android ...
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Should "Edit:" in edits be discouraged?

I often see questions which are of the form: Title Example question what is x? Edit: Here's some more information that bob asked for ... Edit: I did some more poking around and discovered ... Edit: ...
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Mark questions or answers as out of date?

It would really help for finding relevant answers if there was a way to mark questions and answers as out of date. I have been searching SO for various questions and have often found that there are ...
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Promoting new answers to old questions

I was searching for some information on a topic and found the following question: Timer doesn't want to start again after it was disabled. I recently began learning about async/await from .NET 4.5 ...
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How do we handle totally outdated answers?

Have a look to this page: The answers are like: "use firebug or insert some code into the js". Nowaday there should be ...
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What to do with existing answers when a method is renamed in an API?

Sometimes in a popular API a method is deprecated in favour of another. On many occasions, the syntax itself is unchanged. Here are some examples in pandas: sort deprecated in favour of sort_values ...
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Moderator overreach or business as usual?

The case goes like this. A four year old node.js answer of mine is outdated. Quite possibly related to the fact that it is about node.js and four years old. A user approaches me in a comment: "...
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What can users do about outdated locked questions?

When searching Google I came across this question. It's locked, stating 'historical significance'. That's a bit vague, and the description only references a problem with the question. Nothing in the ...
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Tool/library/programming language/"what not" comparison place [duplicate]

Not once did we have a question about what programming language should I use, or what is better, Flask or Django, or which IDE should I use, etc. - all of these are rightfully closed because they ...
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How to react when significant changes in some technology require new answers or comments to locked questions? [duplicate]

Recently the new release of Python 3.10 introduced a new syntax called match/case which is in fact a classical switch/case syntax (ref: This is ...
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Let's allow the answers get elder worthily

We should make outdated answers to get forgotten form Stack Exchange Sites. TL;DR So Stack Overflow is a priceless source of information to a lot of It and tech people out there, and we wanna keep ...
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How can we provide a mechanism for showing that a previously correct answer is now obsolete? [duplicate]

It is very possible that an answer might be correct as at the time it was posted. It would be good to have a formal mechanism for marking answers as obsolete and direction to a more updated or modern ...
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