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Why this post is not "very low quality" [duplicate]

Edit: **Am I misusing the “Very Low Quality” flag?** that discussion is about "VLQ flags on questions is needed or not" Couple of days back I was reviewing at old posts and I found below question ...
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Declined “Very Low Quality” flag on a duplicate answer [duplicate]

I flagged this answer (now deleted) as Very Low Quality (contents of the post as it got deleted): It's not compulsory to have a list. My flag got declined as: declined - a moderator reviewed your ...
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Low-quality questions [duplicate]

I flagged a question for, IMHO, being of "very low quality", and got the answer: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it As a note, this were my first ever ...
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The "very low quality" flag is highly misleading [duplicate]

I think this flag should be removed or the wording changed significantly for it to stop being misused and misunderstood. Some reference questions I've read on the VLQ flag: Am I misusing the "...
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Why was my flag disputed for what I felt to be a low-quality question? [duplicate]

I flagged Make tagging based on @user(deleted), but the flag was later disputed. I have I flagged other similar questions (contained images of code instead of code, had comments requesting the code as ...
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Very low quality flags [duplicate]

I have an issue with a decision to decline a flag I raised yesterday. On the late answer queue I had to review this answer. At the time it didn't even have this text: Please try this (Linear ...
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Same answer to the same question [duplicate]

I'm talking specifically about this answer. After seeing it, I flagged as Very Low Quality because all it says is what we can read in the already accepted answer and wrote a comment saying Hi Amit ...
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Very low quality flag declined [duplicate]

I found this post the other day. The intent is... unclear? Judging from the new user profile, the word "Notes" at the beginning, and the flawless grammar, it looks to me like they just copy/...
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"very low quality flag" declined - is that justified? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this answer as "very low quality" because it just copied (non-working) code from the question without any additional comment or statement. I wrote a comment to indicate ...
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Why was my Very Low Quality flag declined? [duplicate]

I recently came across this question. It is too broad, asks for recommendation of an external library and shows minimal research effort. I could not see any way that the community could edit this ...
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Why are low quality posts not being accepted as low quality [duplicate]

What constitutes a low quality post? I'm commenting and trying to help on these questions, but they are terrible. I would have been downvoted into oblivion for asking these a few years ago. These ...
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Does images of code denote a low quality question? [duplicate]

I’m confused, I flagged this question as Low Quality but my flag has been declined by a moderator? The first image link is to a large block of code which in my opinion is no use to anyone. If this ...
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Why was this "Very Low Quality" flag declined, when the answer seemingly doesn't address the question? [duplicate]

I flagged this answer (screenshot in case it gets deleted) as VLQ and the flag was declined with "a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it". In review, it was also ...
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Very low quality flag coming from "Help and Improvement" queue got declined [duplicate]

In the "Help and Improvement" queue I was presented this question. At the time I saw it, the entire question was: in an Office JavaScript addin, is it possible to prompt the user to open a local ...
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I flagged a question as "very low quality", the flag review was "declined", but the question was closed due to lack of clarity [duplicate]

I recently reviewed this post, and I noticed my flag was " declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it." I went to the link for the post, found above, and ...
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