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We finally need more appropriate review actions in Help and Improvement

First, I am aware of this Meta question. But we haven't heard of any improvements for a long time now. I think the problem is bigger than ever before. Currently I am skipping 19 out of 20 questions ...
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A series of declined flags

That a flag gets denied from time to time is nothing new, but now I got three in a row, which seems a bit odd. I'm not sure if I was actually wrong to flag these, so I'd like to get a second opinion. ...
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On 'Help and Improvement' Review what should I do when I face a post that can be edited only by the owner?

Example: if there's missing code/info that only the OP can provide.
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How is this question not considered low quality?

I flagged a question as low quality a while ago. Today I was browsing through my flags and noticed it was declined by a moderator. After reviewing it again I still believe this is a low quality ...
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Should I flag questions which answer themselves as "Very low quality"?

Case: sqlite3.IntegrityError: UNIQUE constraint failed: Copy-paste in case it's deleted: db = sqlite3.connect("books-collection.db") cursor = db.cursor() # cursor.execute("...
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Do moderators face any consequences when wrongfully marking flag as unhelpful? [closed]

I've recently been banned from flagging posts because some of the submitted flags in the last 7 days have been declined. However, reviewing them as suggested by SO, I noticed that of the seven ...
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Should I flag broad questions as "very low quality"?

I flagged a question which was waaaaaay too broad, I flagged it as "low quality". The flag got declined by a mod but the question is now marked as "on hold" for being too broad, Did I mis-flag the ...
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If this isn’t a low quality “question”, how low would quality have to be?

My VLQ flag on this “question” was declined: Sample question to test out the StackExchange API website deal It says: Sample text: Hey guys. As you may have already heard we will be working ...
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Edits should not mark Very Low Quality (VLQ) flags as Helpful

In a comment on this answer, I asked why edits mark VLQ flags as Helpful. @Shog9 ♦ replied: Ancient reasons, @Robert; that behavior predates review, and partially fulfilled the need for a "flag ...
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Please remove Very low quality type flag on questions [duplicate]

I have found question today, which was a total gibberish. In my opinion it was not even worth casting 3 close votes, because it is just a waste of 3 people's votes and time. I cast a VLQ flag on it. ...
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Review audit system needs to be improved [duplicate]

I fell into the wrong review audit many times because of this. Let me share the details. This is the review audit I've encountered I read the question and took time and it seems a "too broad" ...
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Gibberish Answer - Why was this declined? [duplicate]

I flagged this post as "Not An Answer": and it was declined, I'm trying to understand why. According to this question it should be flagged this way. I am ...
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