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When is it okay to edit posts for "Code Formatting?"

I recently posted this answer: Continuing the most outer loop from the most nested one It contains a block of Java code, written by me, currently under an edit war between myself and the original ...
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Why is this a terrible suggested edit?

I've approved this suggested edit yesterday. While it is not a big improvement, at least it did make the types and class names stand out. And today, I get this message when I try to review : This was ...
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Can we unlock this answer?

I had come across this answer which has been locked because of content disputes: This had actually been locked because of an edit war, which happened way back in July 2014. This post has now been ...
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Review: All rules of the game

I was going to edit my question on this Approved suggested edit from a known troll?, but I think it deserves its own question. Where can I find the whole list of rules for reviews?
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Suggested Edits: What Do You Mean This Was Spam?

I can't honestly tell if this was an "audit" or not, but if it is, it really shouldn't be. I got onto the Suggested Edits review queue today and saw... You have made too many incorrect reviews. For ...
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Is Community auto modifying code indentations now? [duplicate]

Looking at the edit history for this question we see community put in a edit improving the readability of the source code by reducing the indentation from 8 to 4 and reducing the numer of lines ...
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Review ban due to a question with several upvotes and reopen votes

Three of us seem to have been banned due to this question appearing in the low-quality review queue: The question seems to have achieved 5 ...
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Conventional improvements of readability are not deemed to make the code "even a little bit easier to read" [duplicate]

I suggested a few edits in a post whereby I applied the PEP 8 style guidelines to some Python code. The raison d'être of these guidelines is One of Guido's key insights is that code is read much ...
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Do I need to include examples of bad reviews on all robo-reviewing flags?

I found 4 robo-reviewers from this crazy post... Normally I find a couple examples of reviews for each user that I think are obviously wrong and link to them when I flag. But I thot it wasn't ...
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Disallow Edits from Unregistered Users

While suggested edits can be useful, I feel that we should limit these to registered users. This will prevent unregistered users from trolling these edits. Here are a couple examples of these ...
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How does this edit not make the post more readable?

I am curious why this edit has been rejected. It clearly improves readabillity by fixing the formatting and it even fixes a typo. This happens to me often and I wan't to know how people think this is ...
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