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Flagging link-only answers [duplicate]

According to this post, we should be flagging link-only answers because an answer should actually contain an answer. With the above in mind, I have flagged several answers as "link-only" answers and, ...
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Should we consider an answer which mainly contains great links as a valid answer? [duplicate]

I stumpled upon this answer. It attempts to answer the question of What is REST? by providing two excellent links (a blog-style post and the actual thesis) and an edit explaining that there is no ...
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"Not an answer" declined because it looks like an answer [duplicate]

I feel like this must have been addressed somewhere before, but I can't find it. I had a bit of trouble deciding what to do with an answer the other day and I wanted to get further opinion/ ...
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Is it allowed to use an answer as a temporary additional space for comments? [duplicate]

Today I have stumbled upon this post, which says at the very beginning: I don't got your question really, but a comment is not enough, I need some more space (please don't downvote). The content has ...
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Is this a valid review audit failure? [duplicate]

Are answers that simply link to other answers acceptable? The audit process says they are. What are your thoughts on this?
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Do tools and libraries constitute "helpful" link-only answers? [duplicate]

When reviewing, it's not uncommon to find a question that's been asked within the on-topic guidelines, most pertinently one that isn't specifically requesting a tool or a library, and for someone to ...
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Is a link-only answer acceptable if a Stack Exchange sister site Q/A offers many solutions to a question? [duplicate] I answered this question a long time ago pointing to an answer on SuperUser. I felt that that q/a offered many solutions and perhaps a link to the QA is ...
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Some "link-only" answers are actually appropriate [duplicate]

During LQP review I generally flag link-only answers for deletion. However, I've run across several answers recently where the question describes a situation resulting from a bug that is logged in a ...
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Why was my NAA-flag declined? What should I do with "answers" that does not even touch on the question? [duplicate]

I know that Any post that attempts to answer the question—however badly—is still an answer! but what about posts that clearly does not attempt to answer the actual question and instead seem to answer ...
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Can my answer be undeleted? [duplicate]

I answered the question: Why does word2vec use 2 representations for each word? with: The prof from Stanford's Natural Language Processing class gives an answer to that question here. Basically, ...
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What should I do about a "not an answer" post posted by someone who has less than 50 reputation? [duplicate]

I often see that users of less than 50 reputation post something on a question such as, "This is not an answer, but I have had this issue too." I know that this post details more of what ...
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Was a "Not an Answer" flag appropriate for this answer? [duplicate]

This question asks whether storing nulls in a database is okay. I flagged this answer (currently second-highest voted with 43 votes) as Not An Answer, as the entirety of the text of the answer reads ...
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How to handle answers that should be comments but the answerer doesn't have enough reputation [duplicate]

For example, I was presented with a review opportunity for I feel the answer should clearly be a comment (if anything), but as the answerer doesn't have ...
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Why my answer was deleted even if it was helpful? [duplicate]

Moderator deleted my answer. The questioner was happy enough that his problem gone away afterwards. And that's why the moderator deleted my post. Maybe somebody can tell me how to contact him? What ...
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Why do I get a lot of "Not an answer" flags disputed recently? [duplicate]

No doubt there are always different opinions on flags if they either suit to the post, a different should be set or none should be set completely. But in the past few days I encountered a significant ...
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Do moderators want link-only answer flags, or not? [duplicate]

Here are two examples which I recently flagged as link-only answers: Example 1: Try this: {link} Example 2: i think this will be help ful: {link} I think we can all agree that these two ...
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Answer seeking clarification was deleted [duplicate]

I just saw that an answer I posted is deleted: Letter inside square In my response I tried to express my opinion on one of the two alternative solutions Why are you not considering the option of ...
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Why can't this answer be flagged as not an answer while it should be a comment? [duplicate]

I'm talking about this answer: Check for DIVIDED BY ZERO conditions. If any. and this answer The segfault and the apparently garbage usecount value indicates your smart pointer object isn't a valid ...
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Should posts saying "don't do what you're asking" be flagged as "not an answer"? [duplicate]

Several days ago I reviewed this answer from LQP. It was decided 50/50 as OK/Recommend for deletion by reviewers, so it was left intact. For ...
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Why was the NAA flag declined on this answer? [duplicate]

I got twice a declined flag for this answer, but I still stubbornly think that the post is a link-only answer and should be deleted. The mods told me to downvote instead. But I am probably greedy too. ...
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The verified answer to the phpPgAdmin question was removed. Why? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: phpPgAdmin - Login Fail - Virtual Class--cannot instantiate I won't insist too much, I just hoped that the solution that helped me would help other ...
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Removing my answer because it pointed the questioner to a video tutorial [duplicate]

I recently answered a user question by directing the questioner to a video tutorial that specifically dealt with his question. The person asking the question found the tutorial addressed all his ...
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NAA flag was declined for answer which was asking question to OP [duplicate]

My NAA flag was declined for this answer: Are you sure that you need to use respond_to? maybe use redirect_to ? Why? Should I flag this as very low quality or is the NAA flag appropriate for these ...
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Are internal link-only answers advisable? [duplicate]

I believe it is advisable to provide link-only answers when linking to content on Stack Overflow, and the standard advice to provide a summary isn't necessary, because the linked answer may ...
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Why is my question posted as an answer removed? [duplicate]

There is a question about a particular cmake problem concerning building support for a compiler. I struggle with the same problem that's why I stumbled upon this rather old communication. The guy who ...
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Please define "link only answer" [duplicate]

There have been a few times now where I've flagged what I understand to be a link only answer only to have it disputed or declined, even after a second moderator flag has been raised. As far as I can ...
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Simliar answers but different scores (+21 vs -1), failed audit [duplicate]

When I compare this answer to the now deleted answer #52135796 on the question How to simulate POST request? I consider them very similar. Just a link with which both attempt answer the question asked....
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Flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer [duplicate]

This answer frustrates me a lot, it's a completely unsourced opinion, it's a well up-voted comment that someone accidentally entered as an answer. The question is: Is this a g++ bug? Is there a ...
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Why was this non-spam recommendation answer deleted? [duplicate]

After spending quite some time looking for a Visual Studio extension solving a problem, I posted it as an answer to save time for my fellow developers who end up on the same Stack Overflow question as ...
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How can I find out why an answer was deleted? [duplicate]

A 4-year old answer of mine (Create a Custom Tab) was deleted yesterday. I can see the name of the moderator who deleted it and based on How to undelete an answer deleted by a moderator I need to ...
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