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Am I flagging too many posts? [duplicate]

Today I was reviewing some questions and answers made by new users, and honestly speaking some of the answers were not even answers at all, most (if not all) of the answers I've seen were just "one ...
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Disputed "Not An Answer" Flag [duplicate]

I flagged this answer some time ago, but only just realized the flag was disputed. The answer makes a valid comment about xagyg's answer to the question, but is not an answer in its own right. Have ...
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How literally should I interpret "It should possibly be a comment" flag? [duplicate]

So I recently unlocked the review queue and I decided to try it out and see how it works. During the reviewing process I ran into two "Late Answers" to two separate questions, where in both ...
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Declined flags on removed old VLQ answers [duplicate]

I've raised a few custom flags on link only answers from Customizing the TreeView to allow multi select. One of them was on the highly upvoted answer. The post was edited by Cody Gray and the flag was ...
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Is an answer that links to another answer valid as an answer, or should it be a comment? [duplicate]

A user has added an answer to this question which links to another answer for a similar question. Am I correct in my assessment that it should be moved to ...
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NAA flag declined [duplicate]

According to the accepted answer on this question Why this flag was declined? the NAA flag can be used on a link only answer. What if the answer has two links and merely the statement There is a ...
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If a user says lacking reputations and hence posting comments as answers, but the answer has positive score, is it necessary to flag it? [duplicate]

Sometimes I find some users says no enough reputation but want to comment, so just post comment as answers. But sometimes their 'answer' can have positive score like this. Sometimes it looks like the ...
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Why isn't this answer considered as "Not an answer"? [duplicate]

A mod declined my flag of "Not an answer" on that answer. You can take this answer as "Did you add this import?". Shouldn't it be a comment? I believe small things like this should be comments before ...
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Post is marked as spam and hidden [duplicate]

My answer to this question was deleted by a moderator. The answer was once upvoted, is specific to the question and even contains a link to a fiddle that demonstrates a working solution. Even more ...
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Why is this answer deleted? [duplicate]

In this question the user asks "for a library implementation" that meets some specific requirements. ...
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Flag as non-answer declined, please explain [duplicate]

I'm new to SO review queues. Yesterday I reviewed a lot of questions, some of them I placed a flag. Two of those flags has been declined. Please help me understand the causes. Question 1 As I see: ...
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Why just using a answer instead of a comment lead to downvotes [duplicate]

I wanted to asked a user with his/her question, but because I didn't have enough reputation to leave a comment, I used a answer instead. And when I did that, my answer have 3 downvotes immediately. ...
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Advice on how to handle "one line" answers [duplicate]

The last time I noticed that I fell multiple times through an audit because I accepted an "one line" answer which wasn't an answer. (I totally agree with this) So I get a little bit confused because ...
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Has my account been hacked? [duplicate]

Resently I viewed my profile on stackoverflow and discovered this kinda strange thing in the "About me" field: It's definitely not written by me, so is it some default thing that gets written in that ...
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Not an answer flag declined, the answer is basically saying "it's a duplicate" [duplicate]

I'm wondering if this answer is really a valid answer: To me this answer looks like the ...
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