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"Duplicate questions" versus "RTFM"

I have added a question in my answer to iTextSharp - when extracting a page it fails to carry over Adobe rectangle highlighting important info I don't want to sound frustrating, but I would really ...
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What should we do with "MySQL reserved keywords" questions?

On Stack Overflow, there are a lot of questions where people use reserved keywords as identifiers (such as table and column names) and complain that their query is not working. A quick Google search ...
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Misuse of "off topic" closure reason

I feel there has been a recent rise in people closing questions they don't like using the "off topic" closure reason. I saw an example today where the closure reason was: This question ...
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What is a canonical question/answer, and what is their purpose?

Here is wikipedia's definition of "canonical": Canonical is the adjective for canon, literally a 'rule', and has come to mean also 'standard', 'archetypal', 'typical', or 'unique ...
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Process for nominating and promoting canonical questions

In the bash tag, we get a lot of duplicates. Off the cuff, I would speculate that 10-20% of all Bash questions are reiterations of maybe 50 common questions -- basic quoting, variables, syntax, ...
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Creating the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel: can we allow broad and useful "canonical" self-answers?

This is concerning the question: How can I create the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel? This question has 4 close-votes and a lot of upvotes. It is a self-answer that appears broad… until you realise ...
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Is it OK to create a question for the sole purpose of having a community wiki?

I created this question on SO because I wanted to have a place where information about low-level optimizations could be gathered, as I didn't find and other place like that. The question itself was ...
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Can we change the rules for posting duplicate answers / marking questions as duplicate?

I'm the maintainer of pypdf and PyPDF2. I started to give a lot of answers for pypdf / python+pdf as I gained quite a lot of knowledge in this area recently. pypdf/PyPDF2 wasn't maintained for a while,...
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How to improve a canonical question, that may appear to be "too broad"?

I keep finding myself posting an [mcve] link in comments to questions with either too much or too little code, but askers seem to be having a hard time actually producing a "Minimal, Complete, ...
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How to make canonical questions acceptably specific [duplicate]

We want to have canonical questions, with good canonical answers, for frequently asked questions. For a canonical question to be useful if must not be cluttered with details that can vary from case to ...
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Proposal for canonical question: "How do I use a debugger to debug my C++ code?" [closed]

Let's create a new canonical, community-wiki style question. The title could be "How do I use a debugger to debug my own C++ code?" Here is an example question that I would like to mark as duplicate ...
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Should regular FAQ style answers be closed as "too broad"? [duplicate]

There's a number of Q&A in SO that were given in the form as we're used to see in regular FAQs. The question itself is often intentionally (or by chance) broad. But usually the answers are ...
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Is it valid to ask a question to really answer it myself for other questions closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

There are just an inordinate number of questions revolving around debugging ajax calls. mvc http[post] internal error jQuery Ajax - Internal Server Error 500 etc, etc, etc.. Is it ...
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Is it eligible to post a question that contains informative links regarding a topic? [duplicate]

I was searching for the last few hours for the best practices for managing lists in Python but I couldn't find a single resource that contains all beneficial information about lists. However, SO ...
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