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Reaction to several deprecated answers [duplicate]

A few days ago I spent about a day going in circles because most of the answers on SO for a specific problem were using deprecated methods, and the ones that were answering my question in an up-to-...
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Is it OK to edit answers to show that they are obsolete, out-of-date, and deprecated? [duplicate]

My edit was rejected. I know sometimes reviews pile on without necessarily being accurate. Is that what happened here, or was my edit really that wrong? In my edit's defense: I found the deprecated ...
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Outdated versions code for different programming languages like Android/Swift/Java present on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Is there is a way to remove outdated versions of code to be removed from this community in all the technologies like jQuery/Java/Swift/Android because it's too painful to learn or even check solutions ...
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What is currently being done about outdated information on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

What are the specific, short, medium and long term efforts by the Stack Overflow team to reduce the overhead of weeding through answers containing outdated or outright inaccurate information? I'm ...
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What to do with accepted answers that were valid when the OP asked, but not anymore [duplicate]

I have run across a few questions on SO that were answered, but for whatever reason the answer no longer works. This morning I came across this one. Is there an easy way to check the .NET Framework ...
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Is it okay to repost outdated or obsolete questions? [duplicate]

Not a duplicate. I'm asking about old version-dependent questions. Is it okay to ask questions that have already been asked (and answered), but are obsolete? Like, if there's an old question that asks ...
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I made a drastic edit to an obsolete Question [duplicate]

This question applies to an obsolete (and pre-release) version of Rust, but the title is still relevant, so I re-purposed it. I was also motivated by it ranking high on Google. But it was reverted as ...
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Obsolete questions/answers [duplicate]

What is the policy on questions that are obsolete (e.g. almost no one uses that technology anymore) or whose answers are obsolete (e.g. they address an old version of JavaScript)? This is purely a ...
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What can I do seeing outdated question? [duplicate]

My question differ from Good question, old version-dependent answer, because in my case question is outdated too, not only an answer. I found such a question: How to center Google Map on a country by ...
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How does Stack Overflow handle obsolete answer? [duplicate]

I mean obsolete information like, let's say I have a question: How to do foreach within JavaScript? the old answer would be: You can't you have to use for-loop. But JavaScript is now has ...
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Old question, new solution. Add late answer or suggest edit? [duplicate]

Last week I answered an ancient question on how to slice arrays in C#. This question itself has quite high traffic (quarter million) and a dozen of good answers, all highly upvoted and easily visible ...
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Should answer update edits be accepted or rejected? [duplicate]

While reviewing Edit queues I often came across questions where people edit others' code. I generally rejects them as far as they are not about typos. But sometimes I encounter edits which are kind of ...
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What should be done if an answer becomes outdated? [duplicate]

Assume a question is asked and has a high-quality answer (or several). Then, over time, the answers become less useful (or even obsolete) due to new versions of languages or (more frequent) more ...
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How to deal with technologically obsolete, and therefore misleading questions? [duplicate]

I just was researching how to correctly use MongoDB from C#. Only after a while I found out, that with V2 of the C# drivers the API completely changed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of question and ...
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How to handle answers that were right and are now broken due to spec/tech change? [duplicate]

I recently used some code on SO as a template for my code. After spending a few hours debugging, I discovered it was due to a change in the spec. The previously accepted and correct answer (posted ...
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