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Edit accepted by peers. Original answerer reverts it back [duplicate]

In question this q&a I edited the answer to improve its readability and remove the unneeded else clauses. After it being accepted by peer review the original answerer reverted it because he ...
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Why was my edit that fixed code indentation rejected for actively harming the readability of the post? [duplicate]

I made an edit in this post. Excel VBA Web Scraping IE NAVIGATE method Works Vs MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 not Working Edit rejected with this reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier ...
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My code example's bracketting style was reformatted. Why? [duplicate]

I recently asked a Java question and my usual coding style of: class classname { } was reformatted to class classname { } Why do this? And the result wasn't consistent either: At the top, my ...
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Understanding my rejected edits [duplicate]

I'm having some formatting edits I suggested for a question rejected (twice), and I'm trying to understand why as the reasons given seem, to me, obviously incorrect. To my eyes, these edits clearly ...
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Suggested edit only changing the number of spaces used as indentation [duplicate]

I was presented this suggested edit this morning. I must say I don't really know what to do in this scenario : The edit doesn't improve anything, it only changes the indentation from 2 spaces to 4. ...
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Edits which only change coding conventions (like brace placement) [duplicate]

I've come across some edits that only change the coding conventions of the code in a post. Both are valid, widely-accepted conventions, both are well-formatted. Why the edit then? And more to the ...
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Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

In many instances, I have seen code that is poorly formatted or all in one line (like below using R). Is it appropriate to edit the code so that it is more legible? I know in some instances these are ...
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Approved suggested edit from a known troll?

Just got a message on my review queue: You approved an inappropriate code formatting edit from a known troll: . Please do not accept random ...
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User making a lot of unnecessary revisions

I noticed that an established user (18k+ rep) has been making a lot of unnecessary revisions when they recently edited one of my answers. Some of the changes appear to be incorrect, but most are just ...
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Was it correct to edit out this question's PHP issue?

This edit is old: But I do not know enough about PHP to determine if this correction to the question was welcomed or not. To me, it seems ...
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Can we unlock this answer?

I had come across this answer which has been locked because of content disputes: This had actually been locked because of an edit war, which happened way back in July 2014. This post has now been ...
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When reviewing, is it OK to accept code edits to an answer? [duplicate]

While doing reviews for suggested edits something like this occurs frequently with comment like ... removed unused try-catch block ... I strongly feel that if an answer "needs" code editing as ...
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Suggested edit rejected, I am struggling to understand what I did wrong

I recently suggested an edit where in the OP code there was no indentation. The edit was approved by two and rejected by three including the author. I also edited the question title to make it more ...
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Why were these edits rejected as "completely superfluous or actively harm readability"?

I am wondering about these three edits, which were rejected for the same reason: 24698499 24765018 24764959 This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more ...
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Editing code formatting

One thing that has really started to annoy me on StackOverflow is that literally moments after posting some code, I find that it has been edited and the indentation changed. We've always used a style ...
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