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Audit in Low Quality Posts could be improved without being considered spam [duplicate]

I was reviewing the Low Quality Posts and the following are the decisions I can make when something shows up: Then, the following appeared: After reading the answer to the question and realizing it ...
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Edit that removed self-promotion rejected [duplicate]

While doing Triage, I came across this question that already had four answers, one accepted and others saying the same thing. The new answer was an obvious cut'n'paste from somewhere else (note the ...
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Review audits, banned again - bad luck? [duplicate]

I really didn't want to complain, but I got banned pretty much instand again because of the review audit system. Last week I got banned for seven days, for a audit that I really disagree with. I was ...
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Spammer edited spam into question [duplicate]

Wanted to bring this to mod attention as I assume the spammer missed out on being detected due to what happened. OP posted a vague question, then ...
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Should I edit or flag an answer that is an attempt to answer but contains spam? [duplicate]

At first I think that editing is preferred way because after it the answer will become valid, but I am not sure, maybe flagging is important because it will bring moderator attention to the fact that ...
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Educating people to flag spam and not vote to close

TL DR Is there anything we can do to help educate users to use their flags and not their close votes on spam? It is not uncommon to see people voting to close spam. Spam should be flagged as spam and ...
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Our policy on posts with hidden link spam to the author's website

We get posts that contain a link to the author's website hidden in some part of the post. When flagging those as spam (for the missing affiliation), I get mixed responses back as the result, ranging ...
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Create a warning when clicking potential spam links

There was a popular question about what to do with spam links yesterday. The post was asking if an editor should 'break' the link to prevent people from clicking it on accident or without thinking. ...
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Someone just edited nonsense/spam links into other nonsense/spam links; isn't this inappropriate? [duplicate]

Someone just edited this post (which I flagged as "abusive", since it was mostly a gibberish "test post") containing two links to a similar looking gibberish test blog. The ...
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What should be done about spam edited in to otherwise legitimate-looking questions after they've been answered? [duplicate]

I encountered this question: How Can i Push Latest Project Files From Git To Gitlab? (now deleted) which was asked yesterday, had two answers (one of which was accepted), then it was closed. A couple ...
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