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If the answer I give is garbage, should I delete it? [duplicate]

I foolishly answered a question in haste, and, although answering the question, I did not give the best answer. {hangs head in shame} I've learned my lesson and won't do this again. But now I have a ...
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How to handle a downvoted answer that is referenced by another answer? [duplicate]

The question is, should I delete the answer, or not. The answer itself tackles a part of the question and is in my view valid and in the view of the one who referenced my answer worth to link.
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How should I react to downvotes?

Some time ago, I saw a user with high reputation getting very upset for a downvote in his answer, despite the answer having a positive score in total. Was he just worrying about his reputation, or was ...
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Moderator repeatedly deleting and undeleting their own answers

Just something I noticed, lately: There's a moderator that (imo, too often) deletes and then undeletes their own answers on Meta. Often, this mostly happens without any edits made while the answer is ...
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Increase the downvote penalty for downvotee on answers from 2 to 4

I'll start by saying that I don't know if my proposal is good or not, I'll expose my pro & cons arguments (this isn't a feature request, just a discussion). Simple math (that you know already): ...
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Should I fix my incorrect answer so as to make it pretty similar to existing ones?

Consider that my incorrect answer on a given post managed few upvotes. A passer-by observed the flaw in the answer and pointed it out in a comment. What should I do? Leave the incorrect answer as ...
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Deleting my own bad answer after it is accepted

I'm having some issues with a particular bad answer of mine that I posted about a little more than a year and a half ago. The answer does do what the OP wanted, but didn't do it in a way that ...
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Should I delete my own down-voted question?

I asked a question and posted an answer to it here quite a while ago. As noted there, I made the post simply because Internet searches weren't turning anything up that could fix my problem, so when I ...
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Is my answer actually wrong or not?

Well I try to help when I have time, today I found this question where another user is downvoting every answer. I'm not sure about what to do and a war is starting in the comments of the answer (which ...
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Is this answer suitable?

When answering the question, I made the following answer (already deleted. I am not sure whether I made some mistakes here): And it seen that it doesn't solve the question of OP (though it works fine ...
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