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What was wrong with this suggested edit, which added an explanation for the code in an answer?

This isn't just me. The same mod in question here has been doing this on many edits (another meta question was asked just after this one, with the suspension there being 2 months, instead of 2 days.) ...
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What is this user up to?

I came upon this edit in the review queue, and I was initially thrown - it appears that the user needed approval for modifying his own answer! Looking closer though, revealed that it was a different ...
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Duplicate answer, second account: NAA or Rude/Abusive?

Coming back from reviewing this particular case. The answer is copy-paste given to one question by, evidently, the same user under different accounts with 1 hour time difference. Not to be ...
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Do we really want to allow unregistered users to answer questions?

I've been contemplating the position of unregistered answerers for a while. Every now and again spam or abuse or nonsense is posted by such users. Just now an unregistered user posted two abusive ...
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Why are anonymous users allowed to post questions on SE?

What I mean is users obviously not having signed up for an SE site, going by a name like "user2566091" (just made up) and lacking avatar, SE history, etc. You've all seen them, so I'm sure you know ...
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Two users with the same name [duplicate]

It seems like one person has created two users. Perhaps due to a misunderstanding. Ralph Emerson (unregistered) Ralph_Emerson Ralph The Second has edited the answer of Ralph The First. What to do ...
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Is there a reputation requirement for deleting your own answer?

Earlier today, I came across an answer that was edited to "--- transformed to comment ---" by its author. I asked the author of that answer to delete it instead, but they answered that they ...
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Can unregistered users ask questions on Stack Overflow?

I did read this question and its answers on how unregistered profiles work. It states that such users can answer but not ask questions with an unregistered profile. Quoting Anna Lear's answer: On ...
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How did this user with an unregistered account ask a question?

Julie Raswick is an "unregistered account" with only one question and no answers. According to this answer: "On Stack Overflow (and a few other sites in the network), you have to log in (i.e. have ...
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Identify registered users in Users table

I'm not sure whether this has been asked already... I was wondering if it is possible to discern "registered" from "non-registered" users in the table Users on https://data....
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