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Simple tag hierarchy to aid in searching / browsing [duplicate]

Many tags have natural parent tags, in the sense that a question tagged A would almost always be of potential use to someone searching or browsing questions tagged B. For example, all winapi ...
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Tags and conceptual subtags [duplicate]

If there is an existing tag "Topic1" and I want to group a collection of questions that are specifically about some subtopic of "Topic1"; what is the suggested naming for the subtopic tag? I was ...
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Dupehammer powerless against tags with versions [duplicate]

Last week I was trying to close a question as a duplicate using my swift gold badge powers and I was surprised that only 1 close vote was recorded and the question was not closed immediately. Only ...
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Tag inheritance [duplicate]

I'm a user that visits many sites of the Stack Exchange platform, but basically do the most on Stack Overflow. For the past 2-3 years I've studied on my own the Python programming language and I'm ...
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Do any tags automatically tag other tags? [duplicate]

Let's say I have a visual studio question and I am running VS 2017. I always tag visual-studio & visual-studio-2017 but I don't actually know if I need to - or if anyone watching the former will ...
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Tag synonyms that create 2 tags [duplicate]

This is different request than (bigger/complicate) Tag inheritance: Here's how inheritance could work : Add the main tag (eclipse) if your question is not version-related (as now) Add a sub-tag only (...
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Grouping of tags - possible or not? [duplicate]

The problem that I repeatedly encounter is the following: I have set up a list of tags that are to be ignored, because I don't know anything about the subject. However, to various general tags (like ...
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Create an underlying taxonomy for tags [duplicate]

Motivation I am quite fit in Java so I want to help people with their Java questions, but when I look at new questions with the Java tag, the vast majority of them relate to features of third-party ...
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Collectives: The next iteration

The Collectives product is moving into a new stage of iteration and development. This post and the companion posts linked below are meant to offer a holistic view of Collectives, why it’s a focus for ...
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Should I not use the generic tag if my solution is limited to a specific version?

This is related to a previous question I have asked where it was determined that if solutions must be limited to a specific version that is enough to use the version specific tag. I had another ...
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What is the use of version tags?

Coming from this Cleaning up PowerShell tags discussion, I am trying to figure out the use of version tags as e.g. powershell-4.0. Using the What are tags, and how should I use them? document (which ...
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Should there generally be only one tag for a language, rather than multiple (especially minor) versions?

I see, for example: perl perl4 perl5 perl5.6 perl5.8 perl5.10 perl5.12 perl5.14 perl5.18 perl6 Many of these have only a couple of questions tagged with them. Should only the main one be used? Does ...
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Implied tags (e.g. implies .net) [duplicate]

Often, one tag implies another: => .net => => => .net c# => .net t-sql => sql-server Sometimes, some of these tags are forgotten by the OP and nobody adds ...
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Request to merge tags [azure-data-factory-2] with [azure-data-factory]

There are 2,716 questions tagged azure-data-factory There are 1,406 questions tagged azure-data-factory-2 There are 743 questions tagged azure-data-factory and azure-data-factory-2 This means ...
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Rename/Disambiguate [ios-app-extension]

With the introduction of app extensions in iOS 8, ios-app-extension was created. The tag was meant to cover all of the different types of app extensions. The documentation says there are several ...
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