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How to 'maintain a positive question record'? [duplicate]

The description of the Curious badge Asked a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintained a positive question record The Next badge bar shows 5/5 as in the picture in the bottom. ...
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Bug in badges? 5/5 - next badge [duplicate]

I noticed on my Stack Overflow account today that the 'curious' badge has 5/5, yet remains in my 'next badge' section: Very strange... Also, just to show I haven't received it: What's happening?...
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Curious badge SQL [duplicate]

Is there a curious badge SQL check? Similar to unsung hero? I found different explanations, but not the full SQL to find what is missing. This SQL just give me the rate, but it doesn't return eligible ...
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Curious badge progress not getting updated [duplicate]

I am just trying understand how the Curious badge works. I have asked a lot of question so far and seemed to get a not so bad response on them, but still my tracker shows 2/5. Just trying to ...
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Upvotes and downvotes on question will be counted as Well Received Question [Socratic Badge]? [duplicate]

My understanding on Socratic Badge is that asking a question which has only Upvotes in a day. Say, I've asked a question for which I have - equal number of Upvotes and Downvotes. More Upvotes and ...
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Badges for habitually asking well-received questions

Over on MSE, I've proposed a series of badges for asking well-received questions on separate days. While implementing them on Stack Overflow, where the primary motivation does not apply, we decided to ...
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Jon Skeet asked only 50 questions, but it shows 51/100 on his progress to Socratic

Jon Skeet's activity page
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A proposal to put all answerers on a path to curating better content

What's not working well and why: New users very, very, very seldom understand the difference between a good, clear, unique, on-topic question and a question that should be closed. In fact, we have ...
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What are some statistics around the number of users who have a positive question record?

This is probably one of the most brutal queries to write (since I as a mere mortal don't have access to two missing variables), and point(s) I wish to make related to this rely on a high degree of ...
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Curious (need positive question record)

Why did I not get the Curious badge even though I have the following question records? 27 questions Score > 0 6 questions Closed 4 questions score <= 0 0 question deleted Total questions is 31 ...
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List of all deleted questions, not only recent ones [duplicate]

Currently, in the questions tab in the profile page, there is a "deleted recent questions" button: According to this answer, the questions that appear in this list are only the ones that were posted ...
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Why is a question not considered well received unless it has a score > 0?

For some of the rules and badges on the site, there is a concept of a "well received" question. This post explains what that means very concisely. However, it isn't clear to me why all zero score ...
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Do questions asked on meta count towards "positive question record" on stackoverflow?

In this link the "positive question record" term in the "curious, inquisitive, socratic, etc." badges are carefully explained. However, it is not clear whether questions asked on meta apply also to ...
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I'm wondering why I'm not getting the Inquisitive badge on SO

This is my non-deleted question history. It has 32 positive questions asked on separate days. On one of those days I also asked a zero voted question. There are some negatively voted questions and ...
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How do I view deleted or closed questions of my own? [duplicate]

Back to this post I am trying to check why I did not receive the "Curious" badge even I had 5 well-received questions, After some research, I found The formula is (total questions - negative questions ...
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