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What should I do when I want to change close reason from "need debugging info" to "can not reproduce"? [duplicate]

Someone posted a question without enough information to reproduce the issue, so I voted to close the question as 'Needs debugging details', then pointed out in a comment that I need more details to ...
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How to vote to close as a "duplicate" after votes for "needs details/clarity" are no longer relevant? [duplicate]

Here's the question that gives more context: internet connectivity status with react js. The question was first asked without including any relevant code (see revision 1). Later, code is added (see ...
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Change the reason of a flag to a question [duplicate]

It happened that I flagged a question for a wrong reason and then I want to change my reason. So I know that I have the possibility to cancel my flag using the Retract Flag button. But after canceling ...
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Should I vote to "reopen" a question that now has more details but would now be closed as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Here is a question on SO that has been closed as lacking details and I see why that is: Python List Doesn't Preserve Order? While reading the question, I see the author has posted addition ...
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Why can't we change our close-vote reason?

This answer does a fair enough job explaining why you can't vote-to-close on a question once you've retracted a close vote. But I'm curious, why can't I change my close-vote reason without ...
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Why can't we vote to close a question after the original vote was retracted?

What is the reason for being able to close a question only once? What I mean is that you can't cast a vote again after you retracted your close vote. My guess is that this should prevent some abusive ...
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Auto-comment close votes for all close reasons

I propose auto-comments for voting to close for any close reason. (Read the parts in bold for a longer "TL;DR") More details: Whenever someone votes to close with a reason someone hasn't already ...
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Should I vote to reopen when I believe the reason for closing no longer applies?

When browsing the reopen queue, I often find questions closed as too broad or unclear what you're asking that were afterwards edited. Let's say that from my point of view, the question is indeed ...
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What should I do when the duplicate target depends on additional context?

I found this question and (as I said in my comment) it could be either a duplicate of this (if the Socket in the question is a reference type) or this (if the Socket in the question is a value type). ...
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Is it a dupe if answers address the problem but not the code in question?

I recently voted to close this question as a dupe since it asks about the exact same goal as the dupe target. However, I was a bit in doubt about this situation because the asker may be interested in ...
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Allow users to change their close-vote reason to close-as-duplicate

I know that we have some related discussion about retracting and re-close-voting in: Why can't we change our close-vote reason? Should we allow voting to change the close vote reason of a ...
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Re-open closed question with incorrect answer [duplicate]

Background I recently had a problem where I needed to add a user label to optimized code and I found this post: Volatile labels? The accepted answer states that it is not possible. After a couple ...
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Automatic Review audit - commenting as duplicate leads to fail [duplicate]

Today I had reviewed as "review audit" following question: Changed domain error - OpenId auth request contains an unregistered domain which ends with I have tried Googling that message but ...
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When flagging a post, why are we not allowed to retract and flag as something else?

A few times now, I have flagged a post for not having enough details and later needed to flag it for something else. If the user updates their post to add detail, I'll often retract the flag. ...
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Why can't I vote to close with a different reason after retracting my vote? [duplicate]

I had voted to close a question, but has selected the wrong reason. So I have retracted my vote, and wanted to vote again with the right reason. But it's not possible to vote for a close again. Is ...
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