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Show OP engagement history statistics on questions [duplicate]

Motivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they ...
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Can we allow editors to mark the correct answer on behalf of an ungrateful question author?

I see a lot of people who create a profile with only one reputation, ask a question and they don't accept the answer. This has nothing to do with junior developers, they are of all levels, and they ...
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Pinging users to accept an answer / a different answer

Possibly related: Can moderators make an answer accepted to close the post? Sometimes I see posts where the post below the accepted answer has gotten more upvotes than the accepted one, and people ...
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How to get an accepted answer to be unaccepted

I stumbled over this post yesterday searching for something related to named ranges, Excel Combine Named Range. I read the answer and saw a load of comments below it, curiously I read those as well. ...
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How should we react with users who ask questions without any responsiveness or feedback however they have some other activities on SO? [duplicate]

This question is relatively similar to some other questions: 1, 2, and 3. I have faced to some issues on SO which are asked, but their authors leave no feedback at all (up/down-vote, accept or comment)...
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Review queue to cleanup old unanswered questions

Would it be feasible to add a review queue to see if any answer on very old, inactive questions should be selected or if we can at least remove the question from the unanswered list? The problem ...
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Threshold for becoming accepted answer [duplicate]

Sometimes one gives the right answer to some question and there are many upvotes (maybe including the question author) but the question is not marked as the right answer. I know that can happen due to ...
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