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Should you be able to change your close vote reason on a question? [duplicate]

I recently saw this question: It started out as just: I want to read N, then N lines as string in C....
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What should I do when I want to change close reason from "need debugging info" to "can not reproduce"? [duplicate]

Someone posted a question without enough information to reproduce the issue, so I voted to close the question as 'Needs debugging details', then pointed out in a comment that I need more details to ...
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Why can't I change the reason for closing-vote of a question? [duplicate]

I have voted to close a question because it was confusing and it wasn't clear what the question exactly was about. After reading my comment, the author edited his/her question and clarified it. I ...
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Change the reason of a flag to a question [duplicate]

It happened that I flagged a question for a wrong reason and then I want to change my reason. So I know that I have the possibility to cancel my flag using the Retract Flag button. But after canceling ...
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Why can't you vote to close again after you voted to retract another close vote? [duplicate]

Sometimes I closed a question as off-topic or something..., But then I realized that it's a total duplicate, so I retract my previous vote, and then try to vote for duplicate (so basically change ...
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Why can't I vote to close with a different reason after retracting my vote? [duplicate]

I had voted to close a question, but has selected the wrong reason. So I have retracted my vote, and wanted to vote again with the right reason. But it's not possible to vote for a close again. Is ...
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Why can't you reflag a question after having retracted a previous flag? [duplicate]

So I came across a question which was off topic and flagged it as such, specifying the Looking for a tool, tutorial, etc. reason. I thought about it for a second and figured that the question was ...
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Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance

Overview As we know Stack Overflow has a closure process which users begin participating in at 15 reputation with flagging privileges and then later with full closure votes at 3000 reputation Recently,...
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Are typos always off-topic as Q&A?

I asked a question about why my SVG wasn't scaling properly when called as an <img> even though it did scale properly when the (identical) SVG was included inline in HTML. On the same page, an ...
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Recent changes to close reasons on Stack Overflow

Over the past week, I've made several fairly significant changes to the close reasons and associated documentation on Stack Overflow. I've been monitoring and tweaking those changes, and believe they ...
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Should we allow voting to change the close vote reason of a question?

Yesterday, I asked this question on Meta. The question was about changing our close vote reason for a question which has been edited since casting our close vote reason. The edit invalidated what ...
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What should I do as a gold badge holder if I feel the duplicate target isn't the right one?

This question mainly targets gold tag badge owners. Sometimes a question is asked and closed as a duplicate. This question is very likely to have been already asked, but the "original" question ...
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Why can't we vote to close a question after the original vote was retracted?

What is the reason for being able to close a question only once? What I mean is that you can't cast a vote again after you retracted your close vote. My guess is that this should prevent some abusive ...
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Allow change to a close vote after question is edited

The issue of changing close votes has come up before quite a few times. I understand the rationale for not generally permitting changing votes. However, there is a specific, very common case with a ...
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Allow retract close vote and close-as-duplicate votes

I know that we have some related discussion about retracting and re-close-voting in: Why can't we change our close-vote reason? Should we allow voting to change the close vote reason of a ...
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