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Are hacking questions allowed? [duplicate]

I came across this question that was seemingly innocent at first: I became slightly suspicious of the intent of the application the question was about when I saw one of the provided screenshots of ...
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Moderator declined my flag of an illegal question? [duplicate]

I recently flagged a question with a custom flag for this question which had a malicious intentions with making a virus. The OP even claimed this was going to be released and purposely inject this ...
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Pattern of questions indicates a user is writing malware [duplicate]

I just came across a user who, by their pattern of questions, is apparently writing a virus and using Stack Overflow for help with it. We've already discussed the issue of when a single question is ...
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Unsure if I should post an answer [duplicate]

I came across a question today and I am not sure whether I should be answer such a question. Ethically it bothers me but on the other hand it may help a future stackoverflow user as well. For example, ...
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What to do with this dangerous code? [duplicate]

A user posted this question. I have answered without giving the answer purposely, and flagged the question to the attention of the moderators. Although it doesn't seem to me that the aim of this ...
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What to do with questions asking to break companies'/schools' security rules? [duplicate]

I wonder how this type of question should be treated, as it seems to encourage piracy or security outage?
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What to do about questions that sound like malware? [duplicate]

I have come across a handful of questions in my time here where it seems as though the author's are attempting to build functionality that could/will be used as part of malware. What action should we ...
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Blindly Copy-Pasting Code is BAD: A Gentle Reminder!

A friendly reminder to all those who need it: Executing code you found online is BAD!!* Once more for the people in the back: Executing code you found online is BAD!!!!!* There's a great post on the ...
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How to handle "What does this (malicious) obfuscated code do?" questions?

Semi-frequently, we get questions asking for help understanding some obfuscated, and likely malicious, code that they have discovered. These questions are rarely of good quality, but then that's ...
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What should be done about users only asking about how to spam?

I just stumbled over this question (Autoclick a link using Javascript) and became a bit suspicious about the intent (aka it's a blatant "help me spam/advertise" question). Are there any sort of ...
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How do we handle questions that are potentially or blatantly illegal or malicious?

Recently, I came across a question where it seemed like the user wanted help removing the trial message from a piece of trial software (get around purchasing it legitimately). This got me thinking ...
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How to flag a question about abusing a system?

This question is based on an abusive idea*. How to flag questions that are based on misusing? The question mentioned may be "too broad", but that's not the point. It is about "misusing&...
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Do we welcome questions about problems with websites with past spam record?

The SmokeDetector bot just caught this question two days ago with a moderate "confidence of being a real spam" (99%+). The domain contained in the post was matched by a partial RegEx and the question ...
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Moderator flag declined on question about solving troubles with writing malware [duplicate]

I have flagged this question for moderator attention due to the fact that in the edit history I've found that the OP has explained that he's facing problems when writing malware to prank his friends. ...
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How to cope with "Help, I've been Hacked!" questions

These questions are obviously off-topic, but that doesn't mean they do not get posted at a steady rate. It would be helpful if there was a canonical reference (such as, oh, I suppose, this question? ...
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