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"You're Unclear on What You're Asking"

Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I just saw two winners in a row: "Blackjack, Call upon a string" "A list named after the number of a object" These are both from new developers who have little or no ...
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Why make learning programming difficult for someone who wants to learn? [duplicate]

Several months ago I got banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow in order to improve my programming in Python. I was only asking like 2 questions a week, and I was putting a lot of effort into ...
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How do I react to someone with a higher rep deleting a question that a lower rep user is 100% confident of the answer [duplicate]

Let's say an experienced user (+10K rep, a decent history of Q&As, thus an "expert"), makes a question that involves the newest development trend in which he is clearly new on but the issue is ...
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How best to encourage the OP to add missing information to the question

All too often I find myself in the situation where a question is lacking some fundamental information and requests to address that are answered with comments e.g.: Even when, as with the above ...
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The good in bad questions [closed]

I guess this essentially boils down to 'quality questions vs helping noobs' or 'does SO suffer from elitism'. (And turned out not to really be a question) The SO 'mission statement' (if you would ...
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How to deal with users asking for homework help [closed]

NOTE: Not a duplicate of Stack Overflow and homework questions - I'm asking about how best to help, not if we can help. What is the best way to help someone who needs homework help, but has not put ...
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What does "Meta police" mean?

Earlier today, I found a mention of Meta police in a comment under Why aren't moderation tools given to people with a history of good moderation? Allowing those who don't have "skin in the game"...
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Where did my points go?

At 5:44 pm today I left work w/ 102 points, went to the gym, had dinner and just got back on my computer now around 9:35 pm and my points are back down to 79. There's no mention of any down votes or ...
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Is it reasonable to downvote a question that 'could be googled' but isn't a duplicate?

I know a lot of questions are just a waste of everyone's time but there are quite a few that get downvoted apparently for being too easy to answer. Is this a knee jerk reaction? Is it even common? As ...
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Was I wrong in a mini-rant?

A user posted a question and then provided a fiddle for the code in question. The actual issue turned out to be extremely minor, so I Forked the fiddle and provided updated code that solved his ...
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100 days later, was the split a good idea?

Today 100 days passed from the day that Meta Stack Overflow was split from Meta Stack Exchange. I was a initially a bit negative about the split, as I thought that the lack of reputation would limit ...
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Replace "link" with "description" in mini-Markdown example

I'm using Stack Overflow for months now but I must admit, I still can't remember the mini-formatting style for the links. When I click help link during writing comments, I can theoretically find ...
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Was I (and Stack Overflow) being too strict and unreasonable in closing this question?

This question was asked and, somewhat predictably, closed: How do web designers do complicated CSS coding?. The question (reproduced at the bottom in case of deletion), to my mind, was horrible (...
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Can we separate Stack Overflow by experience level? [duplicate]

I've noticed an overwhelming trend of "punking" new users. This can take many forms: Insulting the intelligence of the user. Calling the user offensive names. Spiteful downvoting of the user's ...
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Create a New Stack Overflow Instance for Beginner Users and Content [duplicate]

Not sure if this has been discussed yet, I searched around but couldn't find any result so I'm just asking. Would it help to split stackoverflow into two programming questions websites? One would ...

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