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Please rate-limit usage of "start a new room with this user"

Stack Overflow does not have a PM system, because everything is supposed to be about the content, not the user/expert. Yet, it is evidently possible to spam direct contact to a large number of top ...
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Unrequested (support request, not spam) email offsite [closed]

My question, or point of discussion, is somewhat related, but different from: Is it acceptable to ask other users for their contact information? Should we be able to send private messages to other ...
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Do members answer questions privately? [duplicate]

I have code which deals with linked lists, and I am getting an error at compile time due to the fact that I have something pointing to a structure, but the error states that it is not a struct (it is ...
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How to find out if a particular user is online or offline on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want to know how to find if a user is online or offline on Stack Overflow. If possible how to chat with that particular user on Stack Overflow rather than relying on chat rooms.
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How can I leave a note to some user? [duplicate]

Well, probably this has been asked and answered a bazillion times, if so, just mark it as duplicate so I can see the answer. Q: How can I leave a note to some user? Edit (add context): a question of ...
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I want to be able to comment in a questions posted but don't have enough reputation points [duplicate]

I need help building my website with WordPress, and I would like to talk to the person who partially answered one of my questions (asked by another user). This question was posted here on Stack ...
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Private comments [duplicate]

What about the idea of being able to mark comments "private", visible only to the person @mentioned (and the sender)? First and least importantly, this would accommodate people who feel compelled to ...
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Why does Stack Overflow not support personal messages? [duplicate]

I already have a new curios moment. Why doesn't Stack Overflow support personal messages from user to user? Is there a fear of stalking or spamming each other? Or maybe that question aren't ...
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Feature Request: StackFriends [duplicate]

I'm sure this has been asked before, but a quick search found no results. Feature Request: StackFriends Is there any reason there's no way to connect with your friends/coworkers? Or private message ...
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Can we add a user to user chat function on Stack overflow? What could be advantages and disadvantages? [duplicate]

[EDITED For live example ] Now I want to chat with THE FLAGGER, so I can interactively understand what the problem is, so I can make question better or delete it! [EDITED after receiving POSSIBLE ...
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What main features would a social network like Stack Overflow have and how would they make the platform a social network? [closed]

Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, boasts an ambitious vision: to make “the sum of all human knowledge” freely available on the internet. Its strategy for doing so? Turn everyday web ...
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