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Is this question regarding Google Sheets off-topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently have been seeing a lot of questions regarding Google Sheets on Stack Overflow, such as this one: Calculate Number of Months and Days until Birthday It seems that it there is some basic ...
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Merging the [excel-vba] into [vba] - speak now, or forever hold your peace [duplicate]

The plan - two-month implementation timeline The biggest concern raised here was that splitting excel-vba would make it difficult to watch, as there's currently no support for watching/favoriting tag ...
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Stack Overflow question checklist

My earlier blog post on how to write a good question is pretty long, and I suspect that even when I refer people to it, often they don't bother reading it. So here's a short list of questions to check ...
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Answering a question which you vote to close as off-topic

There are often times when a question is not relevant on Stack Overflow, especially when it's simply asking for technical help, rather than programming, such as this one. If such a question is simple ...
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Tag editor extraordinaire [duplicate]

I would appreciate the moderators looking at the edit frenzy which spans 11 pages of activity and is entering its third hour here.
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Do we have guidance for first time askers not perceiving themselves as programmers?

I know that we have some guidance for first-time askers, but do we have something for "non-programmers"? I have found a lot of questions about google-sheets, google-apps-script and other ...
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What languages can I ask about on Stack Overflow?

Am I allowed to ask about any programming language, or is there a list of allowed and forbidden languages?
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When answering a question, is it ethical to ask for a Google sheets file even when such a request violates a user's privacy?

It is common in google-sheets and google-apps-script for answerers to ask questioners to share a Google sheets file. Some requests in the last 24 hours: How can I combine multiple functions with ...
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Undo recent tag renaming action - [tableau] became [tableau-api] on Stack Overflow

It looks like someone tried to create a new Stack Overflow tag tableau-api (which is a good idea) but instead renamed the existing tag tableau to become tableau-api instead (which is a bad idea) In ...
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Gray area: Not about programming but material that is peripheral to programming

I am unclear about the boundaries of "off-topic". An example of what seems to me to be a gray area is This Post with the WEKA tag. The title clearly identifies that the user is using the GUI, not ...
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The "Other" option for voting to close is in the wrong place

In my opinion it is wrong to force a choice between: • duplicate • off-topic because... This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center. • ...
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