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How to deal with questions that ask about complete basics? [duplicate]

How do I deal with questions that ask about complete basics? Where answer could be found by the OP after a two minutes of googling, reading the first paragraph of the first book or having at least ...
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What do I do when it's clear OP cannot understand the answer? [duplicate]

If this is a duplicate point me in the right direction, and I'll delete it, but all I found was this, the question it's a dupe of, and this one. Those seem related to the 'show me teh codez' questions....
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How should I deal with users that clearly don't understand what they are talking about? [duplicate]

I was on SO looking for questions I could answer when I found this one. The user is asking for help with his database, but it seems he doesn't even know how to interact with it, which makes it really ...
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How in the heck is this too broad? [duplicate] I just don't get it!
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"Obvious" cargo cult coding questions - what's the best reaction? [duplicate]

I have encountered several questions in actionscript-3 that were formed as if the asker doesn't even know what should he do with the code he posts in the question, one of them even had a code copy ...
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Triaging new users' questions [duplicate]

I like to spend some time clearing the triage queue for a mental break. Often I meet questions, especially from new users, where they ask something, without code, or all the details required for an ...
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How to flag an obvious question? [duplicate]

Today I saw this question about how does a return statement is working. I don't know how to flag it. It's not Too broad,...
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How is this question "too broad"? [duplicate]

UEFI application.. shell command is asking outright "how do I call a UEFI Shell command from an application invoked from the UEFI shell". The question is if anything overly precise, asking how to run ...
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We need a better solution than "unclear what you're asking" [duplicate]

This question was "put on hold as unclear what you're asking" with the usual boilerplate text: Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. ...
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If a question is marked "too broad" because I am still new to the topic, does that mean I should not have asked the question? [duplicate]

Today I asked a question about Python because I'm a newbie in it and I got my question marked as "too broad." My question was this: I have Python program which contains some .py files. I want ...
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Why was this question closed as not a real question? [duplicate]

This question was closed: create unique verification link in email? . But "Is this possible?" is a real question (though the answer is obvious if anyone's used any web app at all :-), and asking for ...
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Flagging questions [duplicate]

Not that long ago, I remember there being an option to choose a flagging reason that was somewhere along the lines of "You need to have done research or know at least something about what you're ...
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How should a copy-paste of homework be flagged? [duplicate]

I never understood how to properly mark questions like this. A person bellow marked it as "Questions asking for homework help must include a summary of the work you've done so far to solve the ...
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Is it OK to answer a downvoted question with no obvious close reason? [duplicate]

After I answered this question a commenter questioned why I would bother to answer a question "that can be answered simply by reading the documentation". Is it ok to answer downvoted questions? has ...
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What should I do when a user keeps changing their question expecting me to change my answer to match? [duplicate]

Today I had a question which I answered. The person clearly couldn't use PowerShell. I've provided three times an answer to the question updating the code, only to see the exact same code I've ...
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