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How can we prevent users from doing asker's homework for them? [duplicate]

I come across many questions on SO like this one where the user is very new to programming, still needs to learn several foundational concepts, and is likely doing homework or some kind of personal ...
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Shouldn't homework questions with no work done be closed? [duplicate]

Consider this question: "Submatrix quantizer" This question is an off-topic question because it falls under this category: Questions asking for homework help must include a summary of the work you'...
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Which option in the current close-vote menu should be used for questions that merely ask for a direct solution? [duplicate]

An example might be: Here is a Python list of data: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. How do I get the sum? Or Here is a complicated data structure: Foo(complicated_values) (followed by some copy/paste source ...
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I know it's not too broad or is it?

Look at this SO question. The user wants specific output on given input, but the question has been put on hold as too broad. It's very straight forward (OK not very straight forward but I understand ...
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Quick delete for obvious unsalvageable questions

You need 5 close votes, 3 downvotes and 3 delete votes to delete a regular question. Spam etc. can of course be handled with moderator attention. However there are many cases where the question is ...
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When are questions asking about the details of a class, function, or other constructs on-topic?

I stumbled over a question (image for <10k users in case the question gets deleted): This question was closed with this (custom) reason: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic ...
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Questions where the author is the problem

I have read all that I can find that relates to this topic, but I have been unable to discover a resolution, or anything that might relieve the frustration that I know I share with many other users If ...
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How do we handle questions that one could have found answer to just by googling?

I often come across questions on SO, which are so simple and straight-forward. Infact just copy pasting the header of the question, one can get solution to the problem. When I hit the close question ...
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Specific hard-to-review question

tl;dr There was a question in triage with very high disagreement among the reviewers. Related meta questions The most relevant I could find was Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, ...
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Re-tag [header]

header has the following wiki: The portion of a data block, cell, frame, or packet that precedes the text field or payload and provides information such as the source address and destination address. ...
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Is it bad form to post conceptual questions about data structures?

I'm struggling to understand why this question was heavily downvoted: What does it mean if a data structure's members are stored by hash value rather than by index?
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For what reason should this question be closed? [duplicate]

I think all would agree that it is correct that this question: Need the explain for correct choices. "Kotlin" was closed. However I struggle to find the reason for it in the list. My options:...
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Is it acceptable to use "Too broad" as a substitute close reason for zero effort questions? [duplicate]

If a question simply asked "I need an efficient way to detect that the numbers in an integer array appear exactly twice." should it be closed as too broad?
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Stack Overflow now has its own app on iOS and Android [closed]

TL;DR: Today we launched a new mobile app specifically for Stack Overflow. It lets you view, post, vote, and comment on Stack Overflow questions and answers. Download links are included in this post. ...
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