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Looking for close reason [duplicate]

I just saw How to compile a c++ program using the terminal on a mac. That question has 11 (eleven) downvotes, but no close requests?! Now I am wondering: is the question actually "too broad"; or just ...
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What should I be flagging this question as? [duplicate]

The question: Whats the best method of matching and storing results? I'm between off topic (since there's not really any programming involved at the OP's stage), unclear (since the question doesn't ...
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Is beginner questions=too broad? [duplicate]

I understand this question: Is not well received because it contains at least 2 unwelcome elements:...
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Another way to close a not helpful question than to flag it? [duplicate]

Problem Because I frequently browse the [autoit] tag, I came across this question. It is completely misformatted, but there is no point in editing it, because a) it was already edited, although I ...
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Can we please have the "Lacks Minimal Understanding" close reason back?

That close reason Yes, I believe it was condescending and somewhat rude. However there is a mass of questions that fall under a crystal clear criteria: They're poorly written. They have formatting ...
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What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...
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When did SO turn from "A site for professional and enthusiast programmers" to a "Help me with my school works" site?

I have been active on this site for many years, yet I have never seen the level of programming questions so rudimentary as it has been in the last 12 months. Yeah sure, there has always been beginners ...
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The most heartbreaking question: the "Eager, but hopeless"

(Note: I deliberated for a long time if my question is the same as this one. In the end I felt it's different enough, but feel free to point out otherwise.) OP asks a question, and posts a sizeable ...
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"You're Unclear on What You're Asking"

Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I just saw two winners in a row: "Blackjack, Call upon a string" "A list named after the number of a object" These are both from new developers who have little or no ...
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But seriously. How to be nice when trying to say the code is crap?

I came upon a question just now where the OP's code has serious errors which leads to problems, and the OP asks how to solve the problems. So far, so good, but after having the serious errors pointed ...
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Can we support users who do not understand how to debug their code?

Honestly I think this situation broke me since it's so paradoxical. In light of recent events, I'd like to keep the tone neutral and apply this in general since I don't think we've actively thought ...
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To close, or not to close, that is the homework question

Consider the following question, which is representative of a certain class of questions that get posted with some frequency on Stack Overflow. How to find length of array in C++? I want to write a ...
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Let's have a different burnination process

99 times already we have discussed burninating tags. Scrolling through those questions it is obvious that most such requests should be acted upon. Yet, we probably have covered only 1% of the useless ...
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What to do with "programming" Qs that are actually just basic arithmetic/ratio questions?

There's a category of questions that are only titularly "programming" and are in fact just simple ratio or pre-algebra questions, example: Transform rotation based on the "Minutes" (Unity ...
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How to better deal with "questions" that only contain an imperative?

I've recently run across a few questions like this one, which contain nothing but what looks like a problem set problem. No code, no context, not even an actual question. All it says is "do this!" ...
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