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What to do with questions that don't show any research effort? [duplicate]

I apologize in advance as this is probably a common question, I did a quick search but couldn't find a satisfying answer. So there's a category of poor questions which don't show any research effort ...
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What to do when a user wants SO to teach him how to code? [duplicate]

3 hours ago, an user posted this question : and just now, he posted this one:
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Low-quality flag - How low? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is a strong community constructing questions that will assist anybody looking for an answer online or on the site. I used the word constructing on purpose, every question is unique in ...
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How should this question have been handled? [duplicate]

Someone who appears to be new to programming and/or C++ posted this question asking about how the purpose of 4 different logical operators in a small snippet of code. The comments immediately start ...
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How to flag question without a Minimal, Complete and Verifiable Example? [duplicate]

Sometimes I found a question were the user hasn't search any information about how to solve his problem, or he is asking how to do something when he didn't show anything, even just a line of code, ...
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Triage Queue - Is a new option needed? Too Broad sub-reason? [duplicate]

I've been working on the Triage queue and think I've found a use case for a new VTC reason: Request for basic instruction" or "Too Basic" Now, I realize that that's not an appropriate ...
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Specific First Posts question [duplicate]

The First Posts question is I'm going to skip it because I don't know the answer. My options are: Valid/No Action Needed: I don't think this is ...
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Just wondering about this question how it can be considered as too broad [duplicate]

This question has been marked as too broad. I just don't understand the reasons behind it being at this state. I have already made two edits to improve it but I see no change in the status. I am ...
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How to deal with questions where the OP lacks the very basic concepts or understanding of issue asked [duplicate]

First - I am quite sure this was already asked in some format, but searching the site for terms like 'user', 'basic' and 'understand' is not really efficient although also this question might be ...
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Is a question contain 2 separate but simple questions still too broad? [duplicate]

I know it is an awful example of help vampire questions: I'm struggling if it is too broad,on one hand it has ...
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Don't we need another close reason? [duplicate]

I'm sometimes encountering questions that are completely not about programming, that shouldn't belong to this site at all. (Example of such question). So, one should probably vote down and then vote ...
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Unreasonable question closures are my biggest annoyance with Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I was a long time contributor but rarely bother any more. One of the reasons is that when people read a question and ...don't understand it after first read through ...don't believe the OP has made ...
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How to triage a question that demonstrates profound lack of knowledge [duplicate]

This is with regard to this question, which just came up in my triage queue: Getting strings from an array inside a function, located on a different php page The question demonstrates, to my mind, a ...
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Flag reason for "what does this pseudo code do" [duplicate]

I faced a question on Stack Overflow of someone who was just sharing pseudo code, and the question was: what is the output of that pseudo code? That's it and nothing else! I know that this kind of ...
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How should I flag a "non-effort-at-all" question in Triage? [duplicate]

Sometimes (especially at Triage reviews), I see questions like this one: I want to write an app which shows applications send or receive data over internet and which ip address and port they use....
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