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Are website configurations on-topic? [duplicate]

Are website configuration questions on-topic at Stack Overflow? These questions are often accompanied by a {apache|nginx} config snippet; or a certificate validation error (but without code, without ...
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Are we being "elitist"? Is there something wrong with that?

Recently I see more complaints of "elitism" bubbling up. Sometimes expressly called so, sometimes expressing the same thing in many more words. Mostly from new(-ish) users whose question has just been ...
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Rewarding overzealous users for answering duplicate questions is undermining the site [duplicate]

When a user posts a question that is, perhaps unknown to them, a duplicate of a FAQ, the correct response is to close the question as a duplicate of the FAQ, with no other answers to the new question. ...
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Question is closed as off-topic after being open for almost 4 years

Back in 2012, I asked question json_decode fails on godaddy hosting. The issue was a very peculiar case of a strange configuration with one particular (although rather very common) hosting provider. ...
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Person downvoted every post on a question?

I answered a question here - A few minutes later, I got a downvote. Now fine, I got a downvote, that is ...
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Why could reviewing questions with unobvious belonging be a reason for banning from review?

In the end of July I saw this question: I raised a flag, but it was disputed. Then I raised a flag for moderator ...
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What is the benefit of closing useful questions?

When there are valid questions that "do not fit" within the SO model, what harm does the question do by simply existing? Why chop off the ability for people to answer these questions when experts are ...
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Asking a math question in a programming Q&A site is just SO off-topic!

Not really. I have a bad history of asking math questions on stack overflow. And I've been down-voted many times for asking math questions. For example, I asked: How does using log10 correctly ...
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How to suggest moderator to move question to other site? [duplicate]

I found this question git-http-backend, which I think is better fit for serverfault. I've marked it to Close -> Off topic. But I don't see "Belongs to other site" option any more. Is it correct ...
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Please add verbiage in Help Center to reflect policy on site/server configurations

Please add verbiage in the Help Center to reflect policy on site/server configuration questions. While the {on|off}-topic-ness has been discussed before on the Meta's, there is no clear policy in the ...
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Are configuration and/or network debugging questions on-topic?

I know there has been some discussion about this topic, but mostly related to specific topics: Docker, Bamboo, nginx, webserver config files and rewrite rules All those are at least somewhat on-topic,...
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