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What's better: a question with no attempt or with an unfixable/irrelevant attempt?

We sometimes get downvoted on Stack Overflow by posting one-liner, working answers to some users with a very clear problem, like here. So, OK, we're not a code-writing service, but what about the bad ...
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Feedback and suggestions for editable section of Help Center

I've recently noticed that moderators are now able to edit a section below the Help Center's search box on the landing page. For reference, two other sites that are using this section as well are ...
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How can I ask better "newbie" questions in a language I'm learning?

Back when I started JavaScript, my questions were often downvoted. As I got better, I figured out how to ask better questions because I was a little less clueless about the subject matter. Now that I'...
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Let's send new users off to see the Wizard

This post is prompted in part by What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions? where Jon Ericson and others have indicated an intention to develop a question wizard ...
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Should I post a question that I'm going to immediately close as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Last week, I finally found something to ask on Stack Overflow! I kept track of my research and knocked out a bare-bones replication of the problem. I typed out the question and pasted it into the Ask ...
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What is a reasonable length of time to give for a poor question to be improved before voting to delete?

This question was undoubtedly poor and closed 40 minutes after asking. It was then deleted 16 minutes after that. Thus giving the questioner 16 minutes to act on the advice in the close message ...
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Why do people downvote elementary questions?

There is a common situation on SO where people don't have the ability to ask a good question because they don't understand the concepts at hand well enough. If they were able to ask the question ...
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Why aren't you asking more Questions?

Many of us seem quite unhappy with the scarcity of quality questions on the site. If you're reading this, you're probably more than qualified to ask good questions. If you are also unhappy with ...
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Stack Overflow, what is your response to ForrestKnight's criticism? [duplicate]

How would you respond to this criticism? Here is a summary of their criticism: A poster wanted a better understanding of a topic but the answerer told him to do more research. People come to ask and ...
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Question Effort - What's our line in the sand?

TL:DR: Is lack of effort a reason to close a question? Over the past few weeks, I've seen conflicting information about whether a lack of effort should contribute to the closing of a question. I've ...
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I got a comment to a 5 year old question, the question is no longer relevant

I had a 0 vote question about a framework that has evolved over the last 5 years. The author of the framework commented that the question is no longer applicable, since that version of the framework ...
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Are questions that boil down to errors in off-site resources on-topic?

This question asks for an explanation of a snippet of code in an off-site resource. If you take the off-site resource out of the question, the question is essentially: Q: What does this syntax ...
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Question and answers being downvoted, trying to understand why

Yesterday I posted this question, but after a few minutes I figured out the solution and answered it myself. The question is being downvoted, even though it doesn't seem so bad to me, but maybe I'm ...
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Are "mods" on Stack Overflow really tyrannical, as depicted in this video? [duplicate]

YouTuber GamesWithGabe posted this video about Stack Overflow, entitled "The Tyrannical Mods of Stack Overflow". Here is the full transcript. The key ideas supported by the video are: ...
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How much research effort is expected of answerers?

Every once and awhile I'll encounter questions that have a very simple, low-effort answer. This includes questions that have been asked numerous times before and have well-known answers (e.g. the nth ...

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